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  1. Same thing with Burger King. The only nuggets good even without sauce are the Chick fil a ones in my opinion.

  2. 90% of them are between the ages of 10 - 15

  3. Pierce The Veil is good but idk if they count as emo

  4. No idea but it's a stock image I just looked up woman on google

  5. It wad always purple in all my schools idk where you guys got green from

  6. But what is this image. What do the numbers beside the emoji mean? Do you have the source?

  7. It means what percent wouldn't want a neighbor of another race

  8. I've heard that a couple times but what actually happened?

  9. No I'd say villians head is in the background and main hero in the very front

  10. Don't forget the waffle house, bots, and 👴🏻

  11. That’s cool I guess. Doesn’t mean you can’t hate current trends.

  12. Where the fuck did I say this starter pack was negative?

  13. This post isn't some negative I'm special type meme.

  14. Why can't map makers just make it the same shape but make it a sqaure without being distorted? Sorry if I sound dumb

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