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Ukraine warns Russia of massive missile strikes after U.S. rockets arrive

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Switzerland Imports Russian Gold for First Time Since Invasion

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. Yeah where do you shop? I can tell I would pay more than that in Seattle just looking at it lol.

  2. Yeah I'm also in Seattle and was thinking the same thing haha

  3. Fuck fb more though, tiktok is a Chinese company, atleast you know what you sign up for. The amount of damage fb has done to america and the world (except russia) is irreparable. Can't wait for this company to go deep into oblivion, and everyone who happily took a +20% above market rate....there's a reason why they have to pay that.

  4. Am the only one that thinks if Facebook magically didn't exist, every problem we have today would still be here? The root of the problem is us. We are the gullible ones, the ones that spread misinformation, the ones that let our opinions influence our reasoning. Facebook just gave us a platform to amplify those voices.

  5. Every problem: probably not. I believe we are missing context of alot of the things fb did in the background than just amplify voices in its 2008 to the day now. If you're interested,I would start reading up on reddit posts specially in tech subreddits and see how maligned they have been in their decisions over the year. They had many choices to make and many opportunities to make money good and bad ways and they overwhelmingly chose the latter. As someone in tech, I personally don't know anyone who wants to work with Facebook ex or current employees just because we know they have beyond questionable morals.

  6. The prices of a lot of commodities have fallen over the last month. Some are still pretty high YoY, but they are down significantly from the highs we’ve seen in the last few months. Natural gas, aluminum, wheat, corn futures are all down over 10% month over month, and oil is down 5% MoM but over 10% from the high a few weeks back.

  7. Do you have some good sites or charts to track these things? I've been curious about them as well

  8. I have a nighthawk and got PiHole working. I forgot what exactly I did but it did work.

  9. Yep and the macro economic landscape is changing quite a bit these days. So if an analyst from one of the large banks says "Consumers are fine" 2 weeks ago but then a different analyst from the same bank says something slightly contradictory 2 weeks later, both could be valid points depending on the news and most recent reports

  10. To build off another comment. Whales being chased around by boats is stressful for them. Best not to participate in a boat tour, no matter how ethical they say they are. Just to to SJI and visit the whale research center.

  11. Are the kayak tours any less stressful? I did one off Orcas years ago and it there was only like 7 of us in kayaks and we hugged the coastline so we never chased any whales. We saw some which I guess is rare for the kayak whale watching tours

  12. So it looks like you can give your kids about $2,200 each year in unearned income (dividends, capital gains, etc) and it won't be taxed? Or it will be taxed at a much lower rate after the standard deduction for minors which appears to be $1,100?

  13. Yep. I call these moves "buying votes". Average person thinks, "sweet free money!" and will vote for whoever gave it to them without realizing the long term ramifications.

  14. This. China has a plan. US still hasn't made up what they did to Native Americans or Black Americans 400 years ago. Say what you want about their politics but all of there plans expand their economy. Between this and the new Silk road they are building, they are setting up for long term growth.

  15. But the West Coast states have already won and will continue to keep abortion legal as it is now. So how do you fight like hell when you've already won?

  16. There is still a lot of fighting West Coast states can do. Donation to organization's that border states outlawing abortion. Holding protests in solidarity making those in the outlaw states feel welcomed and supported. Holding protests in general since this is a nationwide action and the West Coast states are part of the nation. Letting young people in outlaw states know that other states disagree with the outlawing of abortion.

  17. What's wrong with letting people democratically choose what happens to the places where they live?

  18. Nothing? I'm confused how you thought my comment was an attack on democracy.

  19. We now have a windfall tax on oil in the UK, and their investments have actually gone up. But nice try.

  20. I would love to read more on this but can't find anything. Can you send me a link?

  21. But that doesn't help you when you buy a home. If you need a 3bd home for your family but can only afford a 2bd home, the rates coming down 3 years later isn't magically going to add a new bedroom. Yes your monthly payments will get smaller which is great but you still aren't able to buy the home you actually needed. Also once rates go down, prices will go up so trying to upgrade during that time could be tricky too.

  22. Did you read over the part of the law where it said the court should consider the fact that the warrant would require the company to violate another country's law into consideration when deciding if the warrant was lawful? How does that provision lead you to conclude that it is specifically designed to require companies to hand over data to the US?

  23. Yeah I was always confused by the EU's reasoning. Various EU countries can force companies in their own border to hand over data to certain law agencies, regardless if the information is about a US citizen or not. But if the US does it suddenly the EU needs to ban, fine and/or regulate the US companies out of existence.

  24. A bit off topic but did the cheap ticket signup thing already happen?

  25. No unfortunately this is the only gay pride experience I had that related to ops post. So I figured I would share, since at the time the only comment responses he had received were negative ones.

  26. Thanks for sharing. Ignore watty. They show up in the all the lgtbq posts on this subreddit and antagonize and downvote people.

  27. Honestly, the parade itself. I know its obvious but its awesome. Find a good spot along the parade route and post up. Watch all the beautiful walk

  28. Yes for far cheaper than Russia would have typically sold it. Not to mention the hundreds of other sanctions that are effecting their economy daily.

  29. This is literally a black mirror episode so I am with you.

  30. It was also in an episode of "Made for Love" where the protagonist's mom died from cancer many years earlier so the antagonist (I think?) recreated her voice based on past recordings.

  31. Larry Summers isn't the Fed. Also if you read his actual quote it's far different than that headline.

  32. Reacted nicely with the stale air to create a challenging yet delicious rind

  33. By definition a recession is at least 2 quarters

  34. No that is just the most common definition. The most accurate one is the NBER defined recession. Its the same recession definition that is used on the various graphs on st louis fed and other econ sites that grey shadow certain periods to indicate a recession

  35. The older I get the more I realize there are 2 groups of people.

  36. Oh, no one I know including myself thinks things are fine. They think things are screwed. The difference is about half of them blame themselves and make changes and the other half blame others and do nothing about it other than complain.

  37. I doubt it'll burst like in 2008 but if it did the average person would have much larger problems and would likely not be in a position to capitalize on it. The wealthy would be in a great position to buy homes for cheap though. Oh and Not to mention millions could lose their home. So I don't really get the "I hope it bursts" crowd.

  38. The median household income has increased 46% over 15 years from 2006 to 2021. Inflation in that period was 34%. So even if we have inflation of 12% this year and no income increases, the median have the same purchasing power as 2006.

  39. You're right. I get downvoted for posting this link but real median wages have either kept up or outpaced inflation since records were being kept in the late 70s

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