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Witches Anonymous Ep 10 Recap - “Hilaria”

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  1. Listening so you don’t have to! As an infertile, Larry’s absolute disinterest in Michelle’s lived experience thus far enrages me, even if Michelle is also at fault for associating with the asshat to begin with. I’ll let ya know what I think!

  2. I don't understand what this podcast is about. The name sounds like they would focus on history of women being persecuted.

  3. We’ve been wondering about that since the beginning. Makes no sense. It’s like 2 pre-teen mean girls decided it’d be cool to say their witches and then just use the airtime to spew their nonsense.

  4. And they never revisit witches or lore or why women were persecuted? And it's not anonymous? I feel like I'm having a stroke trying to make sense of it.

  5. Fan support?? Why does everyone have to be "kind" to this fraud?

  6. I really don't think anyone is supporting her, she's just saying that to manipulate people into believing she's the victim here

  7. I hope she doesn’t come back but I doubt she’ll stay away forever

  8. The way she forces contrived 'obsessions', personality traits, storylines, and props onto those kids is unbelievably shitty. No chance of self-discovery or freedom for any of those kids.

  9. It's because she's cluster B and doesn't understand what a personality is. It's just trying on new masks to her. Tiny New Yorkers, tiny musicians, tiny doctors, etc.

  10. "OFF TO MY APPOINTMENT!" [smug smirk]. Like she's getting botox. Which she probably was.

  11. What is the obsession with getting as much of his DNA out there as possible? Really should have stopped after 2 or 3 kids. You can see the difference between when the house was manageable and now

  12. The only shifting body types she has is her tits. I'm not a mother but I could see how this is very detrimental to new moms.

  13. Can someone please explain why she says MULTIPLE times, "I'm born in Boston." That does not make sense in English. Never ever in my life have I heard someone say, "I'm born in Arizona."

  14. One thing I've noticed about compulsive liars, they repeat things until it's true and perfect in their mind. She probably has to repeat her lie actively and passively literally by repeating the lie. It's like saying "I am 40" over and over when you're really 41. I am born in a Boston in her mind means, she was born in Boston, but not "I am from Boston," she is disassociating her idea to make her lie seem more true. I don't know if this makes sense at all.

  15. Also, they should just be trying to keep a low profile as much as possible but they can't even do that. Alec posts some stupid offensive shit on his Insta that made everything worse and we all know what Hillary has been doing, posing for the paps with her "Look at me! Look at me!" dumb slogan shirts and her cringe "Ven aqui!". 🥒🥒🥒

  16. Is the picture a cone? Like that would be put on bc the image was corrupted or unavailable? Which means she made this sweatshirt. And she has a tshirt of the same. She made these.

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