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  1. I looked at their stories, and this post is there, but it’s not a repost from her account. The restaurant posted this 12 hours before she did, so I don’t think this is her photo. Bizarre…perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on her part.

  2. That’s not what I meant. I meant toast a bagel.

  3. She’s so weird. This is like the 480th time she’s posted something like this mentioning that hemp milk bullshit. “Lightly sweet” who gives an F, Hillz?

  4. standing in her hallway, staring at herself through her phone’s skinny filters, body checking, photoshopping, face tuning. we know she’s not taking care of her 7 children.

  5. Does she use her phone’s pedometer tracker thing? Because she so into burning calories and always moving? That’s the only other reason I can think of as to why she holds her phone while running. Why the screen isn’t locked is beyond me.

  6. I’m sorry, your sick baby can only sleep upright? Have you considered going to the ER???? Or calling your pediatrician??? WTF is wrong with her?

  7. That’s what I’m figuring but why does she do this shit? (I know why.) She’s pathetic. Using her kids for any kind of attention. She is so mentally sick, it’s insane.

  8. How nice you Gender Selected the GIRL you just HAD TO HAVE. Poor Edu!!! You ungrateful horribel woman

  9. Yea I’m confused. What the hell kinda fertility issue can she possibly bring up when she “had” Edu Jr, then 5 months later a new baby girl just shows up? What insanity is she gonna lie about now???

  10. “Hmm how else can I use my kids to make money and get attention? Oh I know!” - Hillary definitely

  11. Munchausen’s is about intentionally making the child sick, faking their illness, or blowing it wildly out of proportion with intent to deceive. Munchausen’s by proxy as a diagnosis no longer exists, the criteria has been moved to Factious Disorder, specifically Factious Disorder Imposed on Another because it can also be imposed on self

  12. This was very interesting, thank you for posting this!

  13. She sure can pull off a happy looking expression even with a sick baby. She’s a sick lady.

  14. “Crying her eyes out” at the hairdresser’s but smiling with a sick baby!

  15. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but there’s nothing else to say about her other than she’s nuts/crazy. She doesn’t live in reality.

  16. …because we all love to take pictures after “crying our eyes out” and then post them on social media to relive the moment????

  17. wtf is she talking about. get some actual therapy!

  18. Winter boots, but exposed breasts…someone make it make sense

  19. Oh I didn’t realize Michelle Who and Hillz have advanced degrees in therapy and counseling!

  20. I hate that she used the word "tenet" like their fucking PODCAST is already some kind of cultural and spiritual institution

  21. These two nobodies think quite highly of themselves

  22. Another rich white loser lady scolding us, and other people who are truly offended by Hilary Baldwin. Telling us how to act and keep us down. How very feminist of you!

  23. Last week I learned that Ali Wentworth was Jerry Seinfeld’s character’s girlfriend Sheila. The “schmoopy” girl.

  24. Front and center, with no shame at all. Racist lying grifter.

  25. Does anyone think Alec is paying Michelle Who to do this podcast with H? Michelle seems so bored and from the videos I’ve seen, she doesn’t seem engaged with Hillz at all.

  26. I can’t listen to this but it’s like Hillary is in a padded room of her own and just talking to the walls. Too bad they had to make a podcast out of it.

  27. lol one thing Hillary is good at is embarrassing herself, that’s for sure

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