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  1. We’re to believe Malibu picked out this bracelet, dressed herself, then put on this bracelet. She’s 1 and can barely walk, stop trying to make her into this super hero obsessed girl in dresses. You’re the one making the choices. You just look desperate.

  2. Kids put random things on and off all day. It’s like she’s never seen a child before.

  3. I just do not like Ireland. She has that haughty, superior look like Alec's. Always posting her selfies, gazing into the camera at her fans. Her and her accountant boyfriend. Blech!

  4. Why do people think he’s an accountant? Just curious. He’s a musician or something.

  5. He just LOOKS like an accountant! He does try to look cool, tats and all, but in this case I think we can judge the book by its cover. And her and her beady little eyes just like her Dad's.

  6. She could sell all the Moncler coats she bought after her husband killed Halyna and donate that money to this guys defense

  7. 🤣🤣🤣 I think she photoshopped her foot lol!

  8. Damn she looks terrible, doesn’t sound well at all.

  9. She got jealous because she probably never heard they had dinner together.

  10. Remember when Hillz was on her cowboy boot kick and she’d wear them all the time? I sometimes wonder if it’s because she knew Halyna collected/loved them. Before Alec killed her (😢). Like he told Hillz about Halyna one day and she went crazy mode and bought cowboy boots, etc because she wanted to emulate Halyna.

  11. He hates her. What’s he talking about that she’s remarkable? They hate each other.

  12. OMG, I forgot about this from a few years ago on CDAN. The answer was Ireland.

  13. Are we sure it’s her? Wow, that’s awful and disgusting! Maybe this is what the social worker on the DeppDelusion Reddit was referring to.

  14. Yup! He acts more like it’s an inconvenience for him, like it’s just a bother. But, no, dude; you killed a human life.

  15. What happed with Halyna Hutchins? You mean that you shot and killed her and injured a second? Is THAT what you are referring to?

  16. He’s becoming as deranged and pathetic as his “remarkable” wife

  17. So she definitely has something on him, right? Why else does he continue to say this shit?

  18. Hillz, if you’re still struggling with your trauma, go get some help for it.

  19. She made herself a target…and she continues to be offensive. Soooooo still playing the victim. Also I’ve never seen someone whose whole life is based on getting validation from strangers on the internet. (I guess it’s becoming more and more prevalent though.)

  20. Based on her posts this morning, she needs to get some help. Spiral seems to be moving fast.

  21. Hmm…we’ve already seen and heard how terrible he is…how much worse can he get? (I do believe way way worse)

  22. Yea I don’t think she’s baiting us. I just think she’s that stupid.

  23. Kids will be studying Hillz hundreds of years from now

  24. Even if he were sober (I don’t think he is) why even chance drinking from a glass that was made to drink alcohol from? The pictures, the gossip, I mean he’s being investigated by the fbi, right? lol this man’s a mess

  25. I bet she is swollen, hot and uncomfortable. I'm sure she isn't doing headstands.

  26. I really can’t believe she rilly did a headstand and posted it like a week ago!

  27. Something is seriously off with a person who needs to remind people multiple times per day that she is pregnant and she has been pregnant before. Something ain’t right there.

  28. 'i am the walking embodiment of belonging' wtf does that even mean lol

  29. She has completely lost touch with reality and should be getting help. I really don’t know why anyone would say that.

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