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  1. Damn tsitsi looks amazing. He could win it all. Djokovic in 3 lol

  2. Came in for a bit while Linus had his skate repaired, and now we’ve got 2 goalies with 1 shutout

  3. It’s funny when people think the same exact things as I do. I literally thought of this dude when I watch Sokol

  4. And never forget, I love you more than anything Mr Edwardo Marie Armstrong.

  5. Showing up twice less than a day afterwards. I mean, true the decoy reached out to him first, but he STILL showed up. I mean, even most of the predators who did it again waited a little bit before they solicited again. It just shows how bad of a problem John has

  6. off topic but just wanted to share my new custom wrap for my goalie mask

  7. I legit watch all the stings on a loop a LOT. I’d want it over and over. There’s a YouTube playlist with all predators and just throw it on shuffle and boom.

  8. After 2011, he just became more of a disappointment for me each year.

  9. Sports fans overreactions are the best. People need to chill the fuck out.

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