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Crazy Dad reflexes

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  1. If everyone's actions are part of God's plan and we don't have free will then he knowingly condemned some of his people and the others have no choice but to love/fear him.

  2. To go back to OP's analogy, you're still only manipulating 1 of the why questions he's ask. You went back to the same place, but was it a month later? Was the water temperature the same? Was it a cloudy day vs a sunny day? Was the time of day different? The moon cycle? Was the wind blowing the same way.

  3. Something that isn't being brought up is what type of fish you're going for. Species have different patterns and knowing what you're going for and what they're doing based on conditions and habits also affects where they're going to be and what they're eating. That rooster tail will work for most species, but if you're fishing for catfish and they're catching trout then their advice may not work out very well.

  4. My understanding is they're for responders so they know to look for a baby in case of an accident. Kind of like the stickers you can put on your home windows to let firefighters know you have pets.

  5. Durin is the only one who has any chemistry in the show.

  6. When I first saw Durin I kind of thought of Adrien Pimento from Brooklyn 99. Just had a weird energy I liked haha.

  7. I'm not sure how old you are, but I went from fishing every day to not fishing for years because my priorities changed. College, job, then actually finishing college. I started getting back into it again for a few years. Now I'm married and just had a baby so even though I wish I could fish all the time, life has put it on the back burner again. I'll be back at it though. Just a matter of time.

  8. Depending in where you are fishing, the fish may have already seen the more popular lures dozens of times. Not everything will work in every location. I just keep switching up till I find the right one for that day and those conditions

  9. This is a good point. Where I used to live finesse was the most common style people used on bass, so I threw swimbaits and heavy jigs. Not many people would throw that sort of thing and I did just fine.

  10. I work them really slow. Like way slower than any buzz bait. I’ve never had any luck burning them but slow and steady where the tail is barely spinning they are amazing.

  11. I think you have to find your cadence with them. Sometimes it's burning them in, sometimes a super slow retrieve. What usually works best for me though is to work it like a popper. Just small jerks and let it sit. I've also caught two channel catfish at night with them doing this.

  12. That's exactly what I thought! Dot and dab the tiles and they'll fall off! Notch trowel with a complete bed of adhesive. Surely these guys know that??

  13. Look at the wall behind the broken wall piece. It's straight plywood. Even if it's exterior grade they just glued that replacement piece to the plywood like it was a kitchen counter. I may be wrong here as I'm not a professional tiler and have only tiled a few bathrooms, but the lack of waterproofing membrane made me nervous that the shower would fail if they don't keep up on maintenance like replacing the silicone between the slabs and around the stub outs every few years.

  14. Did you notice behind the broken shower wall on the prefab shower it's just plywood and I couldn't see any water proofing membrane lower down. Any leaks at all or moisture and that thing is going to rot out. I'm not a professional, but I was under the impression that plywood or green board is not a suitable backer for a shower environment. Should be hardibacker hard pack rolled over with a water proofing membrane or something like kerdi.

  15. I've seen it a few times before, but I just noticed that at the end of the roll he pivots so the sliding sign hits his shoulder instead of one of the kids too. Seriously awesome reflexes.

  16. For the new fishermen out there, you may run into periods of time where you don't catch a fish for months. For me this is probably because life made it so I could only go for like an hour from time to time. The slumps will pass and you'll get back into them.

  17. I would consider selling what I have built for fun just to recoup my cost and maybe a couple cases of beer/ good bottle of whiskey. I in no way want to be taking orders from picky people on the internet telling me how they want something done. If I have a bunch of scraps it’s cutting board week. If I’m feeling randy it’s full on build week. I work at my leisure and only aim to please my wife. Lol

  18. I figure I may sell some stuff when I start running out of room or to help pay for more tools. Not for a business though. I just want to make cool stuff.

  19. Thank you for this comprehensive and digestible answer. How much leader do you tie on?

  20. One other reason for the leader aside from visibility, cast ability with braid, and sensitivity is an intentional weak point.

  21. Stop. Shut up. I have to go, but if I find one single dog hair when I get back I'll rub sand in your dead little eyes.

  22. Between this and a couple other comments, I think I am going to try and refinish the cabinets first instead of a full replacement, then use the other money for replacing a couple windows. The kitchen is a galley with not a ton of options in terms of setup, so hoping I can get the existing cabinets looking like new.

  23. If you do replace cabinets I recommend all drawers for lower cabinets. We did that and it's so so so nice to actually be able to reach all of your stuff without having to crouch and dig around.

  24. I like fly-fishing, but I also love the feel of a trout smashing crank baits that I'm burning in too.

  25. If you're looking to use lures to catch them, I've caught quite a few on chatterbaits, small bluegill swimbaits, and jigs. I've also seen people do well jigging spoons with a sliver of fish on the hook specifically for catfish.

  26. If anything, agile takes longer by design, because you keep stopping to take stock of where you are and change direction if need be. But it still saves more projects from getting abandoned and actually reaches delivery more often, because it adjusts according to changing needs.

  27. Also when teams are "doing agile or scrum" a lot of the times they're just following the basic format and not understanding the point of these exercises.

  28. Why do you need to know how much work you can complete in the next 2-3 weeks?

  29. Breaking work up into 2-3 week sprints gives the product team the ability to somewhat forecast when things will be done and the opportunity to shift priorities in a short time frame.

  30. Working in a call center for at least a year, the only times I’ve felt disrespected or had to disconnect a call was an older person.

  31. That was like 90% of calls when I worked in a call center. Old people losing their shit because they saw a screen tear or something wasn't working the way they thought it was supposed to.

  32. Lake Terrell, sunset pond, and lake padden so far. Planning on fishing lake whatcom very soon as well.

  33. I haven't done much bass fishing since I moved here two years ago, but I know cranberry lake has some chunks (I'm on Whidbey island). I'm working on getting a fishing kayak to get after them. I've caught Kokanee out of Whatcom, but I really want to hit those smallmouth.

  34. Those smallies in whatcom are calling me for sure! Never spent any time fishing for them, im sure ill figure it out though. Never heard of cranberry but now i want to go check it out, would be a pretty trip to whidbey if nothing else lol.

  35. You basically need a kayak or canoe on cranberry, the shore spots are heavily pressured and most of them are on shallow flats with very little cover. I've only gone for trout in there, but there's a few pictures on gmaps of a guy holding bass similar to your post, 5-6 lb range.

  36. PNW fisherman checking in, same deal as you. Sometimes I go for yellow perch and bluegill because it's fun. I generally carry a flyrod, a couple bait casters and a spinning reel when I go fishing because I like to use different styles and target different species. Also sometimes the flyrod isn't cutting it for trout, but a square bill crank baits is what they're after. I don't want to limit myself because I just brought one tool.

  37. Thought you were talking about rainbow trout at first and was going to say the soft plastics get ripped up pretty bad by fresh water trout, but those would all work

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