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Biden calls for ban on all semiautomatic weapons.

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  1. The Lee Loadmaster is the easiest press for me to change calibers on. Nothing but the toolhead and shell plate need to change, and both are quick and easy. And the toolheads are dirt cheap, which also helps. I also have a Dillon xl750. I MUCH prefer working with the Dillon, but I have to admit that caliber changes do take a bit longer.

  2. That looks pretty good. I use 3.7gr of titegroup with xtreme's plated 124gr bullets. You can really use lead or fmj data for plated bullets (just find something the same weight), but always check the manufacturers website to see if they have a max velocity listed.

  3. After my ladder test run today I decided to go with 3.7 as well thank y’all for the sanity check, it was an awesome experience to shoot something I loaded myself.

  4. Glad you had some success! Shooting your own ammo is always nice. Especially with a round like 9mm where there's SO many options to experiment with.

  5. I don't know about that. It's hard to find bad reviews of them! They're not fancy, but it's definitely one of those guns that will probably still shoot great when the great-grandkids inherit it some day.

  6. Considering it's for small cartridges and will load MANY of them, that's not too bad.

  7. If you don't have one yet, now is a good time to pick one up!

  8. I should have waited...I bought one 2-3 weeks ago for $35.

  9. Bummer! It always seems to go that way. Make a purchase and you'll see it on sale a week later.

  10. Never had an issue with it. Titegroup will work well with any amount of case fill. In fact, Hodgdon has a published load for titegroup in a .308.

  11. Only in 9mm. Had a SD of 11.3 when loaded with 124gr xtreme hollow points and 3.7gr titegroup. I'm sure it could do better if each charge was weighed, though. That was just done with the dillon powder measure.

  12. A Dragunov. But for things that are actually obtainable without selling the house, a .45 ACP Kriss Vector.

  13. What's that Joe? A binary trigger in every gun? Good idea!

  14. You can say the exact same thing about a handgun. I’d take the non lethal decision even at the cost of increased personal suffering. If your goal is to halt an attack it is a perfectly good option. What you prefer brains and flesh splattered all over your home to abrasive chemicals?

  15. No, a handgun doesn't shoot everyone in the room, including the shooter, all at once.

  16. Bear mace doesn’t shoot anyone, it doesn’t kill anyone. That’s the difference. Regular mace is also a perfect defense against a close range attacker if you’re worried about that, it’ll stop anyone in their tracks short of like someone on PCP or similar.

  17. Except that bear mace is as likely to get you killed as save you because you'll be just as disabled as the attacker. You're saying it's better to bet your life on you recovering faster than the attacker, rather than taking steps to protect yourself properly. But sure, you do you. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully nobody will ever come along and burst that little bubble of safety that you live in. You're betting your life on it.

  18. Absolutely. Places where nobody is armed are prime targets for crazies who want to go out in a hail of bullets.

  19. OK, if nobody is armed, who is shooting?

  20. The person who brought a gun to the gun free zone.

  21. I did get a text from my brother. He said it's never too early to buy his daughter her first gun, and he'll gladly hold on to it for her for now. Her first birthday is next month. I really wish everyone's family was as understanding as mine.

  22. Lmfao 🤣 we all ways blindly trust the internet right

  23. I mean... Trust is right there in the name.

  24. This guy was clearly not a professional Russian.

  25. My favorite is the 1st one. Freedom makes you less safe that's why the government should control your lives.

  26. They watched 1984 and saw a utopian paradise.

  27. Biden cant directly. He can use his influence to get the legislature to pass a law. Then it gets struck down in the courts.

  28. Lucky for us, he has little to no influence.

  29. I have a Taurus PT1911-it's easily as reliable as my Berettas...better than 4K rounds through it and not a single malfunction! Don't be sorry to own what you own, as long as they are dependable and ignore the haters on this you just need a pre-FA 870 with the rifled barrel-another flawless weapon!

  30. Is it enough to confirm if it is or isn’t a real gun? I’m sorry!

  31. It's barely enough to confirm that it's roughly shaped like a real gun.

  32. army qualifies infantry at 400 or 500 meters. you can check army manuals for exact numbers. there are dozens of them floating on the internetz.

  33. Army doesn't require humane kills, though.

  34. Other countries banned guns and mass shootings went down. We don’t need to guess or assume anything - that data literally exists already.

  35. What country had a similar issue with mass shootings?

  36. Thanks guys. I don't mind calling it an honest mistake and seeing improvements in the next batch not crimped as much. I just don't want a kaboom from it or anything.

  37. You're safe. Brass is pretty soft. It would be hard to crimp it enough to raise pressures to dangerous levels.

  38. This is something I wondered about high output setups. Seemed like it would lead to inconsistent batches.

  39. At 800 yards the results might look inconsistent, but at normal pistol ranges you don't even notice it.

  40. Well the only reason I'm considering this endeavor is because I am chasing 1200 with my 308.

  41. At that range a single stage is definitely the way to go. I don't have the ability to shoot that far, but I think you're getting into the territory where little things like ensuring even neck tension and extremely precise powder measurement become big factors. So it's really not just about the press at that point but the supporting equipment.

  42. I linked a pic. Donations from "Black rifle coffee" in 2020. And "Black rifle coffee co" in 2022.

  43. Again, if I as a private entity donated under my companies name, without consent or approval from the company then I'd be in trouble. If Hafer didn't donate himself, he still gave the approval for this individual to donate under the companies name. So I'd guess that Hafer is okay donating to the same people that want to restrict our rights.

  44. Why do you keep saying it was done in the company's name? It wasn't. It was done in the individual donor's name. Your pic just conveniently edited that part out.

  45. Maybe the Russkies should concentrate on keeping their 50 year old AKs maintained and rust free instead of inventing under water projectiles?

  46. Why? If the AK is only 50 years old, it isn't due for its first cleaning yet.

  47. I was a line coach in the navy. Saw dozens of snake bite wounds from 9mm. I would correct them, but sometimes on the reload they would revert to the wrapped thumb and fire before I noticed/stopped them.

  48. That's only a semi-auto problem. On revolvers it's a perfectly acceptable grip.

  49. Depending on the length of your thumbs, that can be a good way to get burned. Gotta keep your thumbs away from the cylinder.

  50. A guy died at a range near me when he thought it would be fun to have his girlfriend shoot a .357 for her first gun experience.

  51. I started my mom on a .357. The key is teaching them how to handle it safely (and demonstrate it a few times) before handing it to them. Too many ranges don't give a damn. They just hand you the gun, show you how to load it, and away you go.

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