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  1. $300 per kid isn’t permanent and does diddly. I love my daughter but come on first 18 years cost be over 250k. Total cost minimum 500k likely a lot higher.

  2. My thoughts too! My boss even has one of those tire machines so I can do it myself. Found a set of OEM rims on FB marketplace for $150

  3. Those rims are actually pretty sweet, chrome delete the rest of the truck and see how she looks before swapping those out, maybe swapping the center cap to something not chrome would make them look a little better

  4. This would be less of an issue if slow drivers would use one of the turnouts. It personally makes me crazy when I and like 30 other cars are stuck behind some asshole who refuses to pull over.

  5. It’s actually the law to pull over if there’s more than 3 cars behind you.

  6. If you’re gonna do this stick to resorts only, don’t be tripping balls in the back country. Tripping balls in an avalanche scenario is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen. Imagine trying to use your beacon and probe when every second counts to save your homies and you’re having a super intense trip.

  7. Completely legal to shoot the neighbors pits if they attack your dog in some states. I’ve had to do it several times before and it sucks but it wouldn’t have to happen if they kept their dogs on a leash or had literally any other breed. I have hunting retrieving dogs that I’ve spend hundreds of hours training and I wouldn’t risk an injury to a pit Bull they can do a lot of damage and erase all of that time I’ve spent on my dogs. It’s best to just end it quick and not deal with getting them to pay vet bills and have your dog live with life long injuries

  8. My truck is exactly the same! Except I have non tow mirrors and the Ironman 4x4 bumper. Got the same wheels grill headlights and steps and it’s also in white. Good taste in trucks my friend

  9. That's awesome!! I love the Fuel D589s because they're super quick and easy to clean. How do you like your Ironman bumper? I've been shopping but haven't landed on one yet.

  10. I like it. It came with the light bar and pods which are actually pretty bright. I’m going to add a winch after Christmas, so far I have no complaints on the bumper it looks nice and it’s held up to the light abuse I’ve put it through so far

  11. I hid a cold storage ledger containing 11 BTC along with the seed phrases in a box along with some other valuables somewhere outside of glacier national park in 2016. I have made a set of instructions to find said box inscribed on the inside of my dog’s collar. If I were to die suddenly, whoever is kind enough to take care of my dog will be generously rewarded.

  12. I’ll be there! Would it help if I brought a mist bottle to hit the redds to prevent them from drying out without being to rough on them?

  13. Checked your account, you have a 2009 Hyundai Genesis and you want a 2012 charger? You’re eating enough shit to make up for all of us 😂

  14. Yeah I could’ve bought Bitcoin in 2010, I knew it would be worth thousands some day, I understood the concept of it vs fiat. I just didn’t want to give myself that advantage over my peers at such a young age. Just would’ve been too easy. Gotta live life and make billions the hard way

  15. Hey just letting you know, the "A" isn't actually part of mbti, also if you're new to mbti, you should probably check out cognitive functions :) !

  16. How could someone not agree that dominating both of your hands is absolutely better than only one of them

  17. Handedness is associated with brain function, I want to see if there is a correlation

  18. Woah... That's been one of my fears /expectations is that when i grow up my morals and the way i think change

  19. Nah when they do you’ll realize why, and it will hopefully be beneficial

  20. Why aren’t people voting for algo? I voted for ada but I would think algo would be more than 1%

  21. Trump also played the CCR fortunate son song which is literally about people like him avoiding Vietnam. Don’t put too much thought into the songs he plays, because he doesn’t either.

  22. I just moved out of Denver, I didn’t know they raised the minimum wage to that?? When was this?

  23. I Denver too but mostly because of the Californians ruining Rocky Mountain NP and other beautiful areas

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