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  1. It’s always gonna be squaw valley to me, never gonna not call it squaw

  2. I can't post to the main subreddit so I'm gonna try it here... I'm living here for the next few months (queens creek), what's the best way to meet some people and make friends so I can get away from work on my time off? I go no car because I just flew in, so how is public transport or is Uber my best bet? The guys I work for are kind of stiffs and I want to go have some fun while I'm here.

  3. What’s the powersports culture like here? Everyone has sxs and dirt bikes? Warming up the bike in the neighborhood is chill?

  4. Yea for sure these are my first batch so I’m definitely open lol you can message me or post your reply on here doesn’t matter at all either way I appreciate it

  5. Establish some credibility, something like “with over x transactions in recent months, I know how to navigate in this market”

  6. That's a problem. Also a Tesla cant tow a horse trailer... or much of anything.

  7. There’s a guy with a poke bowl stand that he tows with a Tesla model S around Bozeman. Haven’t seen him once this winter, batteries probably can’t handle the cold, and I assume he uses the battery off the Tesla to operate his trailer.

  8. he's out there nearly everyday M-F, a few days in that below 0 stretch he didn't come out but I think now that he has a electric hookup, its fine. fwiw he used a generator bc elon wont let you pull from the battery like that and it voids the warranty. damn good poke for the middle of the country though!

  9. I didn’t know you couldn’t pull from the battery, I assumed he was pulling off the battery and using an electric griddle or something. Now I can’t wrap my head around why he would use that Tesla as a tow rig over literally any other vehicle,

  10. Go for it my friend that’s what real realtors do we assist & advise✊🏾

  11. Nothing like preying on the fear of another 2008 style crisis to get a few more transactions under your belt!

  12. I just bought a car last year, seems like now a days most new dealerships actually have honest salesmen besides the extended warranties, used dealerships are still sleazier than ever.

  13. So they tell you to go home and consider it, and that it would be prudent to read reviews from Consumer Reports and other trusted review sites, as well as check out some competing vehicles from other manufacturers before making a decision?

  14. Not necessarily that, they’ve got to push the sale somehow, but I know in my area they don’t work on commission off said vehicle but commission on volume, so it’s more oriented to find someone a car that works for them and not the most expensive one the customer can afford.

  15. Meh, wannabe cowboy heroism shit. A parody of what someone in Texas thinks Montana is like

  16. No, it’s what Texans pretend Texas is like, but Texas isn’t and never will be that cool

  17. The problem is that most institutional buyers are not flipping, however. They're already buying and holding.

  18. From what I've found, there are 4 types of thin people.

  19. I am #4, I’ve been tracking calories lately because I thought I was eating less than I am, turns out 3100 calories is about break even for me. Hopefully my day of reckoning is nowhere in the near future. Although my favorite activities involve me putting my life on the line frequently and for no good reason other than it’s fun. Fatness is the bane of my existence, ever seen a 400lb man back country skiing in Alaska, downhill mtb, or climbing half dome? Probably not, especially not the latter. I don’t even know what I would do with myself if I ended up like that.

  20. I could use some cash and I'm free this weekend. I'll come to you and change it for $25+ cost of oil if you supply the oil, $30+ cost if I go to the store. My tools. lmk if your interested.

  21. There’s lock boxes that connect to wifi, you can change the password after the allotted time they have for the showing

  22. Of course there’s a “Nala” in the bunch

  23. Nala actually looks like a legit mix. She looks a lot like a lab

  24. People underestimate humans from a few centuries ago. They were not undeveloped apes who just learned how to make a fire.

  25. So the next time they want to build a road or put in a fire department do they ask for donations? Or do you pay tolls to drive on the road and get a subscription to fire department services?

  26. How about just don’t build a road and keep it as single track.

  27. The list of worst dispensaries is too long it’s pathetic. I’d say top shelf is my least favorite. They inflate the fuck out of their thc percentages. Montana weed always seems to be dry but theirs is bad…Not all negative though here are some great ones to check out: Juniper, North star in 4 corners (blueberry muffin is an absolute must try), and i recently found gallatin valley organics which has great dense moist weed.

  28. Add ganja goddess to the list. They put huge nugs on display and to show you and then give you a ziplock bag full of shake after you pay fairly high prices. Edibles are mids. And med creek has definitely upped the game recently, they’ve got some pretty good weed for really good prices

  29. I put my 2014 platinum up for sale just for fun on Craigslist in Montana for 32k, I had someone offer me cash for in 48 hours for full price, I told him someone else had offered full price, he said 33k. Said I’d rather just keep the v8 for a few years.

  30. The sign is in Cheever with the architecture students. I think they got it re-lit.

  31. I wore a shirt to the gym today that says “two-stroke kills covid” some lady yelled at me that my shirt was spreading misinformation. Remind me again what kind of life form isn’t killed by an oil and gas mixture????

  32. Two stroke is a type of engine that burns oil and gas mixed together instead of having a separate oil system like a car or truck. two stroke engines are mostly used in snowmobiles, chainsaws, dirt bikes, leaf blowers and older lawn mowers. They produce a lot of white smoke due to the burning off of the oil. Plants will consume the carbon but two stroke has so much particulate it will 100% kill living things such as an airborne virus if it was in a room full of two stroke exhaust.

  33. I was planning on applying to work there once it opens to sabotage internal operations before I start guiding this summer

  34. WROL says:

    The Monkey Wrench Gang :)

  35. “Oh I was supposed to put those 6 pallets of organic milk in the fridge instead of leaving it out all day? My bad”

  36. Yep, my neighbors have some cows and always give me a few gallons of good ol unpasteurized milk straight from the cow. Can’t have the cows hating me for not drinking it eh 🤷🏼‍♂️

  37. I’ve honestly never really liked eggs but if I should be eating them every morning I guess I’ll have to figure it out. I don’t like eating a lot early in the morning it makes me feel slow

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