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  1. If they protest, the dictators are going to make them egg beater with a 5 gallon water jug over their heads for hours on end.

  2. Why the fuck would you go to North Korea, ever?

  3. Wasn’t he some nutjob Christian trying to spread the word 😂

  4. Might as well just ban the op. Let's get this over with mods.

  5. It’s a 45 day old account why even pay attention to him 🤣

  6. Charlie is fucking regarded ooga booga ape shill 🤣

  7. He’s trying to connect with the jesus freaks 🤣🤣

  8. He told me, but said I had to keep it a secret 🤫

  9. What sorta workout are you doing to improve?

  10. I like to row before I lift weights 🏋️‍♀️ I do like 3, 500 m sets before using weights also helps me not throw up my preworkout

  11. If those regards could read they would be so mad at you 🤣

  12. You mean some mf Chinese lab worker let a deadly disease escape

  13. I got a book for that clown. Naked short and greedy: wall streets failure to deliver written by Dr. Susanne Trimbath 📖

  14. Is she going to start an onlyfans? asking for a friend

  15. The girl in the pic is the host, not the wife

  16. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  17. Post bruises from wife beating you of its fake 😂

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