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  1. Idk like I noticed it on this weeks episode and she was just standing there

  2. where is this? you guys trick or treat the day before halloween?

  3. He’s not even showing off those new teeth

  4. I was just thinking that The Bitches Of Eastwick (the OC crew) make the LA crew look like toddlers on a playground.

  5. Haha they would never. The dramas too good for the show $$$

  6. These women are very jealous and mean to Jarvis and Rose. "Don't fucking Honey me!" Instant classic.

  7. Omg when they were on the yacht and Polly was like “I like your little bag” to rose, and then when she walked away was like “I don’t like her bag”, such Regina George shit. If that isn’t being a bully idk what is

  8. Agree about everyone except for rose. I don’t feel like she ever used that as an excuse or trying to one up anyone, she was just confiding in Jarvis, gio and his mom

  9. Kayla did it 3x apparently and like Austin said, why wait until she did in 3x and then have a convo about it? Like why not have the convo after it happened once? I thought Tyler was decent and sensible but he’s just as all over the place as Alex Hall, Polly, and Brandi are.

  10. My guess is no one brought it up before then. This third time made them “feel uncomfortable”. He definitely should’ve said something to Kayla sooner

  11. I love how at the beginning Brandi was like I don’t get involved, I just sit back and observe. Then like two episodes later she’s getting involved in drama that doesn’t even concern her

  12. Is ‘controlling’ the right word? I’m not sure what she is trying to express

  13. can someone tell me the season and episode ?

  14. Seriously, there are other Americans lol

  15. She seems like her tongue might be too big for her mouth. Not trying to be mean, I just couldn’t stop looking at her tongue when she was talking (unfortunately).

  16. Oh yeah she has a bit of a lisp that makes sense

  17. Ok so Kobe is the boyfriend, Koban is the baby and Covid is the virus. Got it?!

  18. Literally thought she called her baby covid

  19. It’s kehlani and assuelu all over again

  20. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I hope she and everyone that participates in this for the rest of our sakes don't reproduce. This is so disgusting.

  21. Idk how y’all know percentages but I got a $3 raise in august and just got another $1 raise Without even asking

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