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  1. Pretty sure that's Larry Smith, he was on Uncle Al and used to have a puppet show on 19.

  2. The good news in this comment thread is that the vast majority of hate-filled comments have been from users who do not appear to be regular posters here. The bad news is this kind of hate still persists.

  3. Can we observe rule one violations being reported when we few right of center who aren’t transphobic are harassed and maligned on this sub for simply not being liberal?

  4. If you feel something violates a rule please use the report function so the mod team can review

  5. Your post was removed for violating our promotion rule.

  6. This is on Bridgetown Rd correct? It's Clinton

  7. If you use Toolbox and are interested in migrating your existing notes over to our native feature, please respond to this comment and our team will assist you.

  8. I haven’t seen it crowded in a while but you’re right they’re staff is great and busts their ass. Im concerned that the P&G office in St B switching a lot of people to WFH is hurting their business. I start work at 7am so I’m likely eating around 11 and hope I’m just missing the crowd.

  9. I used to go there all the time when we were in the office. I know a bunch of others from my office did as well.

  10. Your post was removed for toxic behavior. Do not make false accusations against anyone, especially like this one

  11. This is not up for debate. This is your only warning.

  12. Wasn't the Manson home down off of Buffalo Ridge Rd.? Or is that just dumb lore my friends told me?

  13. Manson never lived on Buffalo Ridge.

  14. I hope that whatever mod who labels posts with that clownish "Not Cincinnati" tag does the same for literally every picture of the Cincinnati skyline that exists on this sub.

  15. No mod tagged this, the mod log would show that. OP would have done it when it was posted

  16. Really? That's too bad. Back in the day you could have a conversation with the owner and she would put up local artists work in the eating area.

  17. Yeah, the OG Melt is long gone, the new place has no soul. It’s a shame because that was my wife and I’s favorite place for lunch

  18. Queensgate is the closest and they will deliver downtown.

  19. My wife goes to Mayfield Clinic and they've been incredible. They don't overprescribe and they closely monitor usage.

  20. I will suggest that to her. Am I correct in assuming you meant

  21. Yes, that's the one. They have four locations around the city so she should be able to find a location close to her

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