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  1. Then why do the same dog crap politicians in Congress across the country get re-elected every year?

  2. Could it possibly be because many voters need to think the politician is 'dog crap', not just you?

  3. The Executive Branch is where the experts employed by the federal government live. If they've had the conversation and their conclusion is "no", I believe that they've got some good reason for it, and I'm hesitant to believe that I can make that call better than they.

  4. Long-range precision fires would enable Ukraine to immediately sever Russia's bridge to Crimea, thus preparing the battlefield for the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

  5. You mean dropping ATACMS on the Kerch Strait Bridge? That's possible. But, again:

  6. I posted this elsewhere, so I'll post it here

  7. You are conflating offensive tactics with offensive strategy.

  8. The reps have already done their part by approving the $40 billion Ukraine aid package today. Biden needs to be emailed now to urge him to send long-range precision fires (MLRS and HIMARS).

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