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I am quiting vaping

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  1. I have actually met her backstage and didn't realise who she was.

  2. I’m sure being treated like a normal person when you’re at that level of fame must have been so refreshing. I’m not even famous but live in a small community where everyone knows who everyone is and even I feel a little pressure to act a certain way sometimes lol!

  3. At this point I feel like I don’t even question it anymore. I’m 26 and it’s cool to wonder sometimes and shoot the shit about theories but I just believe as human beings on this plane we may never truly understand just how far the rabbit hole goes, so I’m just trying to keep life simple and just travel, be a good person, eat well, spread kindness and love and experience the present as it is because it can be no other way!

  4. I’m also in my early 30s, lol I think I’m too old and boring to have fun with the younger hostel type crowd.

  5. Well yeah but in my experience I’ve met some early 30s late 20s people in hostels who have been a pleasure to talk with. The younger party crowd I’ve hung out with in my earlier years travelling but I’m 26 now so kinda just chillin myself. Of course it’s still a gamble when staying in hostels but I’ve never hated a hostel experience.

  6. i smoked salvia on the peak of an acid trip once........

  7. Wrong, I ate a piece of rhubarb before becoming vegan (btw) and instantly died of B12 deficiency.

  8. I died of B12 deficiency from eating the lettuce from a MEAT BURGER a few months ago and am still in purgatory, awaiting sentencing for my crimes against sentience. How did you recover? Please send help!

  9. Observatory was good, partied till 6am. Heard Arcan is awesome and lighthouse is ok but haven’t been as I only had 2 days in HCMC. Are you going to be in Hanoi also?

  10. Yeah, Da Nang after HCMC and from there to Hanoi. Let me know if you have any recommendations

  11. Haha I’m in Da Nang right now, the weather is absolute shit. Hoi An was pretty cool though just to have a little walk around. Da Nang is much more laid back so look forward to that. Just raining all the time. I didn’t see any techno parties happening in Da Nang but I heard Savage is wonderful in Hanoi for a proper rave so I’m looking forward to that! Supposed to be a decent event next weekend but I haven’t read much into it because I will go to Savage regardless of who’s spinning that night.

  12. As a skateboarder (of over a decade) this has always been pretty easy for me (tons of explosive quad work I guess!) and a good warm up before a skate session, but the first time I hung out with non skaters and they were struggling with it I realized how difficult it is especially when you don’t do a lot of explosive leg work. Most of them couldn’t even do one, so hell yeah! Looking strong dude!

  13. Surfing already has its version of scooter kids, and they’re called tourists.

  14. There’s nothing natural about the animal agriculture industry.

  15. I once did mushrooms at The Flaming Lips the night before a job interview, and when interviewing the next day I was asked about how I would position a home sell (realty company) and went into a long tangent about how money is ridiculous and no one should push to force the sale of a house on anyone (I guess I was still feeling pretty enlightened). I did not get the job, but it was hilarious.

  16. Especially on the escalator, hill bomb with a long ass rubber ledge hell yeah!

  17. As a nicotine addict, I’m so proud of you for quitting so early! I wish you only the best, and trust me I’m twice your age and have been addicted for almost a decade and it’s not something you want in your life. Be strong!

  18. Definitely a level of codependency or anxiety in OPs post. Her actions tell him she's thought of him, but he is jumping to conclusions. I think OP needs to see that maybe she feels so safe and comfortable (in a good way not a lazy or complacent way) in the relationship that she doesnt need to cling to him when she's not seen him for a bit. She knows she'll spend time with him later.

  19. I love Finnish, it’s so calming to me because I have many fond memories of Finland, so much so that I listen to Finnish podcasts to sleep.

  20. Did that one week with acid, not fun at all. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend.

  21. Never was able to trip in less than two weeks. It just does work.

  22. It works if you take 1 tab and then 3 tabs the next trip and so on

  23. i'm sorry did you say you were near burning human bodies voluntarily

  24. I’ve never understood how R-Kioski stays in business. All their locations are close to much cheaper grocery stores and really all they sell is junk food, beer, and cigarettes.

  25. E always did it for me, and I NEVER dance, either!! Thanks

  26. I was always self conscious about dancing but e at a rave has unlocked a door in me that hasn’t closed yet, even after not having done it for over two years.

  27. Go back to the UK for a bit, settle down a little, you can always travel again. But yeah honestly 4-12 sounds like a horrible time… you know yourself best so just do what feels right I guess.

  28. Damn I’m not Finnish but if I could I’d buy it off you! Always been a dream to have a mökki. Don’t really mind spending countless hours trying to fix it up!

  29. Lol, don't buy a rotting house for your dream. There's literally thousands of nice, well maintained mökki's waiting for buyers in the Finnish country side. It's a buyers market.

  30. That’s very true, but a rotting house seems cheaper at least :D

  31. Even before I was vegan I had vegan POC friends who leveled a fair amount of criticism on white veganism. It was usually centered around how white vegan care more for animals than BIPOC humans and how their activism was absent when I came to exploitation and oppression of BIPOC folks.

  32. Asian here, and I think it’s really dumb. It’s just carnists trying to find an excuse to not be vegan, that’s all. With the amount of effort they put into those mental gymnastics they could easily already just stop eating animal products, the latter is so much simpler.

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