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  1. Probably a lot of closet homosexuals whose daddy didn't show them the love they needed growing up.

  2. Freedom of Movement. I'd like to see SCOTUS try to strike that precedent down. The country would riot.

  3. I'm wondering where the line is anymore. I always heard if this happened we would take our country back.

  4. My coworker asked for a raise last week. They told him that they didn't want to give him a raise because they're worried that if he made more money he'd be able to afford to miss more time to take care of his very sick wife. They want us to make just enough money that we're not homeless but not enough to be comfortable

  5. SD conservatives want so badly for a riot from the "antifa" people. It's laughable every time they show these videos on the news. More cops than there are protesters, lol

  6. I bet the cops got big stiffys too. They finally got to LARP after only getting to watch other cops be oppressors on the news

  7. We're getting a closer seat to the action as the class war heats up

  8. 6-8-10 seems beeter to me, otherwise good job!

  9. For sure! Just wanted to pay homage to a slogan of yesteryear. We stand on the shoulders of those who fought before us.

  10. I am drastically disappointed because I clicked on this thinking it would be a different kind of wiping...

  11. Wrap a rag around 45 deg counter sink and mount it in a hand drill...... boom

  12. You must exhibit that you can play your motorcycle stereo so loud that even people standing 100 yards away will know how cool you are.

  13. A lot of companies made record profits during covid. Since the number one job of a CEO is to make shareholders money then yeah...... from their perspective they did great.

  14. I think it has less to do with their age and more to do with the fact that they're rich and captured by corporations. This is worth considering because this can happen with young politicians too so waiting for the older ones to die might not be the solution

  15. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but it will come with free ice water" -Albert Einstein

  16. it is showing as a requirement and im unable to post, ive tried a few times

  17. I had the same problem. I was able to post a question using my phone's browser and reddit website instead of using my reddit app

  18. Sorry I didn't know. I looked at their FAQ after seeing your comment and it looks like you get 20 free digital articles a month. It won't let me copy and paste the whole article using my phone. People posting paywalled articles is one of my pet peves so now I feel like an ass..... but I'm going to leave it up since a lot of folks can probably read it. Sorry again

  19. This is good news. Do the Wiccans or Satanists have a high school club that can join them at the 50yrd line? I'm all for freedom of expression

  20. If people really cared about this issue, maybe.

  21. Not sure why you're getting downvoted...... you're speaking to an objectionable truth. Most voters think the abortion issue doesn't affect them, even though it does affect them in various ways downstream that they haven't considered.

  22. Who's "they" and why are they coming for me? The car warranty people? They already found me, dude

  23. I heard Nancy Pelosi ripped up a piece of paper in protest. Yasss Queen Slay!

  24. We don't need term limits. We need to stop politicians from getting rich due to their status/position. No stock trading allowed by them or their family while they serve and 5 yrs after. No bribes, AKA paid speeches and PACs. Their salary is capped at the median income for the area they serve. They don't get healthcare. They can overpay for ObamaCare like the rest of the poors or pass Medicare 4 All.

  25. Since the Democrats are a bunch of cucks and are powerless to fix this I think we've reached the tipping point where we see the bifurcation of our country. Moderate folks will start moving to blue states and conservative folks will start moving to red states. We'll essentially become two different countries at that point. We'll continue to gradually shift away from each other in our culture, the way we govern, and the types of laws we pass. Hopefully it all just happens organically so that a bloody civil war doesn't have to take place.....I don't want to have to point a rifle at people that were formerly my friends and neighbors. Sad days.

  26. You want to start a civil war because some states won't let you murder anymore??

  27. Didn't say I wanted it and not sure how you interpreted that

  28. Unnuanced take: a for-profit business had a change of management and some of the customers are mad at how the business is being run now. Instead of finding a new business to give their money to they are trying to get the old business to bend to their will even though they don't have actual ownership rights.

  29. I know why South Dakota is soo low on the medical and dental collections… we hate going to doctors, and have you seen the dental hygiene of a lot of people? It’s worse than England up in this state…. And not sure if it’s people hating to go to the dentist, drugs, or no insurance so they just don’t go…. Or a combination of them.

  30. I learned how to perform my own vasectomy by watching YouTube videos. Only cost me $6 in supplies at Harbor Freight

  31. Shit…. FFA teaches how to do that to farm animals… I’m willing to bet it would work the same on humans. Band and snip.

  32. The most awkward part was having my mom hold my penis out of the way so that I could get a good angle with the vise grips

  33. Liberals want everyone to be treated the same regardless of skin, religion, belief. Those who don't want that get judged. So kind of a different spectrum there bud. Im not a liberal, libertarians rather and I will judge those who hate inclusion because their fucking racist. So thats not a valid argument.

  34. At least you consider me a "bud" and not a "fucking dweeb" like the other guy. It would hurt my feelings if you thought poorly of me. Have a good day, friend 😊

  35. Yeah I work in education and dude that doesn't happen. Stop watching Fox News, and if it does then yes, I agree that shouldn't be happening because that's gross. But the message in that video is literally to stop judging people by their differences from you.

  36. Waiting for you to say that gas prices are more important than clear evidence that man whose feelings were so badly hurt by losing an election literally tried to overthrow the government. Go fuck yourself.

  37. You don't know anything about what I think.....internet tough guy, lol

  38. I know that you're dumb enough to think voting third-party is a reasonable choice when one of the two main options is somebody who tried to overthrow the government.

  39. I hope you can get the help you need some day. Best of luck to you

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