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AITA for yelling at my girlfriend for baking a dessert for a dinner party?

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  1. I'm gonna check this out and I'll be back, but also where is this list??? This sounds so handy

  2. It's so mad how Nathan Fillion seems to throw 'whore' around a lot but only in the two Joss Whedon projects he was in

  3. Maybe it's my need to see the good in people, but this reads like a (misguided) attempt to protect his gf. You know, it's his mother's own party, and if someone is going to bring dessert anyway it might as well be someone she actually likes, because she absolutely will use this as an opportunity to hate the gf more. Obviously, if the gf doesn't care whether or not OOP's mum hates her then whatever, but I can understand at least trying to keep the peace

  4. Maybe it's just me but I have never heard the term 'comfort character' being used until like 2019.. just me?? and the 'comfort character' is always a DSMP member

  5. I swear the first time I heard it was that animal crossing maniac

  6. he’s said he tans because he’s insecure about his acne but how does being orange fix it 😭 he looks good with his normal skin (but he is a problematic person regardless)

  7. Personally, when I'm tan (either naturally or with fake tan), it really gives the appearance of evening out my skin tone. I have acne scars and redness everywhere, but with tan I can get away with a few small dabs of concealer rather than a face of foundation.

  8. No updates from me this time, I've honestly just fallen off. Can't wait to see how y'all have done!

  9. As a native Londoner, I felt the same way about Brussels. I love everything about it. Want to swap?

  10. Food prices are going up. Wages are staying the same. This was supposed to be my main meal for the week, and y'know, sometimes you can get lucky with stuff. It was wishful thinking

  11. Well, you now have moldy lemon juice all over your food. Ask yourself if you'd risk eating that over the course of the next 5 days while it's potentially growing even more mold in your fridge.

  12. I knew this was the answer, but with the price of food these days I just didn't want it to be. I hoped someone would be like 'oh lemon juice is acidic so it's fine!' Wishful thinking aha

  13. If it helps, I did literally the same thing but with the plot of a book I had read for school, and nobody noticed then either. I also got a 5 aha

  14. EDIT: I want to make a point here, since this is at the top: I personally do not think that LAOP is trying to maliciously acquire a real firearm to shoot up some public place. That is a bad take on the post and does not help the actual conversation involving firearms policy in the US. Unfortunately, there are easier and cheaper ways for a youth to get a firearm in the US of A other than importing expensive replica quality airsoft rifles. I think LAOP actually wants a cool airsoft gun. I also think LAOP is learning a hard lesson about his purchases, and is kind of doing the shocked Pikachu face when he got caught, just like a bunch of other people who tried importing the same airsoft guns.

  15. I'm from England, and know next to nothing about guns except 'death machine go brr'. This is genuinely one of the most interesting comments I've ever read, and has sent me down a small rabbithole. Thanks!

  16. Ngl, ferding tubes are incredibly dangerous long-term and are hotbeds for some nasty, nasty infections as well as causing a bunch of other issues. The fact that people would want one (and possibly have one), without knowing the risks, is worrying and aggravating

  17. Thank you! Is there a way to copy my list across each time or do I have to type it all in fresh? I tried to practice last night but couldn't work out how to copy my comments... It would only copy the leader post! Probably being a bit daft as I'm very new to posting comments!

  18. Click the three dots on your comment rather than my post, one of the options that comes up should say 'copy text'

  19. Hi. I've just discovered this challenge and wonder if it would be OK to join? Makeup is a bit of a compulsion for me and I have more than I could ever use if I changed my look 10 times a day for the next 50 years. Palettes are my main downfall- I used to spend time just taking them out and looking at them... I honestly don't know how to use half the stuff I buy. My personal circumstances have changed and I realise that I simply can't continue as I have been doing, from both a financial and emotional perspective, which is why I've been reading a lot on Reddit lately, looking for inspiration on how I can start to feel better, shop my stash if I want something new and start to use some of the things I already have. I really like the idea of trying to use up 10 things and if you'll allow me to join, I think it will give me the incentive to use what I have and not feel so overwhelmed. If possible, could I please be added to your reminder list? My 10 items that I'd like to commit to are:

  20. Absolutely!! Feel free to join - I've added you to the reminders list. The next update is tomorrow, so feel free to skip that one, and I'll give you a reminder for the update after that!

  21. Hear me out: Hollister. I'm a UK14 hourglass, and they make the best, good-quality basics at a decent price. Thet often have sales, and they have a curve range which actually fits my 32 waist, 44 hips body. It's the only place I get jeans anymore

  22. Restless is such a brilliant episode, awful take

  23. Undertones are about colour theory. Your skin might be pale or tan or brown on the surface, but under that there'll be a tone to the colour - warm (yellow/gold/red), cool (pink), neutral (neither/both, balanced) or olive (green/ anything that doesn't fit).

  24. Woah never heard of that kind. Just looked it up I’ll have to give it a try. Name is a little off putting NGL 🤣

  25. Heroine like the female version of Hero. The narcotic is spelt without the e

  26. Ok, it was just because you said the name was off-putting

  27. I love doing this too! I apply straight from the tube though. It's an easy way to use up lipsticks that dont look good on your lips!

  28. I have these old metallic lipsticks from when they were popular in 2015. My skin is super hardy so I use them as blush and they give a beautiful shine

  29. Interesting, I always found their limited edition formulas to be better, at least when it comes to blush and other complexion products

  30. Oh yeah, they're better than their normal range, I meant the LE collections are always the same - New Mood is the same products as Ocean Feel is the same products as Festival Glow or whatever. If you miss something from one LE collection it'll show up again the next year, no issue

  31. I love Kiko, but I feel like most of their products are limited edition these days...

  32. Ngl, their LE products are just the same thing in different packaging, maybe with a bit of seasonal flair (a cream highlighter rather than powder for summer, e.g.) If you like something, you'll be able to find it again on the website

  33. Honestly, t-shirt and jeans is a pretty safe combo. I'd reccomend wearing some version of trouser+top for the first week while you get a guage on what everyone else is wearing. You can see what you like and what you don't, and gradually pick up pieces over time and incorporating them into your wardrobe.

  34. Well damn, really can't even fault that logic. Now I feel like Beetroot SHOULD be a name

  35. Me and a friend were talking about potential future baby names. I said I loved the name Caoimhe (kee-vuh), but my mate hated it and said that she would definitely only call my child 'queef' if I called her that lmao. So I told her she could if I could call her child Beetroot instead of Bea (her favourite name)

  36. I wonder this often! Especially sponge blenders - does anyone wash them enough? Where do you put them after you use it? Do you put a top over your brushes so they don’t get dusty? So many questions for people.

  37. I wash my blender every day before using it. That way I don't have to care about what I do with it when I'm done with my makeup, I can chuck it down.

  38. Legit thanks to you. So. People with good makeup hygiene wash their beauty blender DAILY. That is the way. I am too lazy to wash mine daily so I simply don’t use one because the idea of consecutive uses of a damp sponge on my face makes my skin crawl. Another question: how do you store your brushes when you travel - separate brush pouch?

  39. Honestly it takes about 30 seconds to do, and if you do it at the same time as cleansing your face when you're in the bathroom anyway it doesn't seem like much of an added chore.

  40. It would mess up the rhyming of our alphabet song. We'd have to end it "Now I know how A B's said, and I wish that I was dead."

  41. "... W, X, Y and Zed. Now I know my A, B , C's, won't you come and sing with me"

  42. Every line of that song ends with the same sound. "Gee", "Pee", "Vee", "Zee", "C's", and "me". If you use "zed" it just ... you never noticed the break in the rhyme?

  43. It never bothered me, because there's also a break in the rhyme for the line that ends in S, so if that line doesn't rhyme, who cares about the last one either

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