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The Senate passed it 80 to 15. Railroaders won't get sick pay and any strike by them will be illegal.

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  1. Theyre gonna supposedly mint a shitload more of these things. Don't FOMO into buying one just yet.

  2. Every bullet point gave off those vibes.

  3. “Obedient 17 year old wife” kinda told me all I had to know about this one pal.

  4. Also the race stuff. I did not, however, expect the whiny bit about living too long at the end

  5. It will probably die in new, but I thought this would be a nice prompt to hear about other's coins! You can answer the question any way you want but I'll start with some different ways you can answer if you like..

  6. Just chiming in to note that a picture of your oldest coin(s) would have been a way better graphic than the huge question mark

  7. Absolutely not. Only literal geniuses can read it. Congrats!

  8. Simple rule of thumb. In the US, everyone paid salary or hourly is underpaid, even those with "good" salaries. Everyone paid in equity is either paid enough or overpaid.

  9. Friend have you heard about professional sports?

  10. Anyone who pretty much earns more than doctors, firemen, police etc. you know, people who put their life on the line and save other lives.

  11. Doctors out there putting there lives on the line every day

  12. Gladys Sicknick, mother of fallen officer Brian Sicknick, was asked by CNN why she didn’t shake McCarthy and McConnell’s hands at the gold medal ceremony.

  13. Is this the guy who had a heart attack the day after and people thought - hey maybe related?

  14. They were in total control but Jesus took the wheel and if she'd used cruise control like she tried to she wouldn't have crashed!

  15. Taking this at face value, this is due to the increasingly used practice of "dynamic pricing".

  16. Additional logic here is that these are actually different tickets from different sellers

  17. Maybe let the man with the fresh spinal injury lay there for a little while longer.

  18. We have tried, there is no recourse unless the police (who have also been called out) decide to press charges...which they wont

  19. You’re not like, really bad at smoking are you?

  20. I let a grease fire start on my smoker once and none of my neighbors called the fire dept. I was able to put it out but it was going for a good 5 minutes at least.

  21. Yep. Been there twice in fact. Wish one of those wasn’t in front of mom and dad in-law but what can you do

  22. They post all of their drama online and then complain that people are in their business

  23. Oh this one hits hard. There is a girl I went to HS with who constantly changes her relationship status between married, it’s complicated and separated. But she’s literally married and her husband never changes his married status. I can’t even imagine being with a nutjob like that

  24. What masterbuilt goes to 700? Gravity fed charcoal one?

  25. Man I hated butt guy as well as his character in Orange, which goes to show how oustanding he was at his craft. RIP

  26. Did he really die at 56? That’s super messed up. Why?

  27. Terrify your reps. Join local orgs that support labor, get on mailing lists, get organized. Answer all the big party fundraising texts with "pass the

  28. Ok but wasn’t the issue that RR unions accepted a deal and then after midterms said wait never mind? I’m pro union but I believe this was congress saying you need to keep the deal you previously approved.

  29. And…they’re paying a lot of money to lease office space that is currently being seen to by janitorial services twice a week.

  30. And people using that has zero impact on bottom line or incentives. So I don’t think it’s that

  31. We need to, since CNN was just bought out by a MAGA Trump supporter.

  32. Wait who bought cnn? I would think liberals would be way more interested in keeping cnn on the team

  33. Make sure you go the extra mile and put ‘Not my weird ass creeper car’ with a giant arrow pointing at it.

  34. “I park my weird ass creeper car in the back”

  35. It just symbolic so if the bus was full and someone sat there I doubt there will be an arrest for the "offense."

  36. her teammates could have at least tried to pick her up after the first one

  37. Or if nothing else, put her down after the third one

  38. Yeah I can’t believe OP is saying this is a $12 million dollar house SMH

  39. "had to make a spot" probably won't fly in court

  40. And I believe the term is “undocumented” visitors

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