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  1. I'm worried about Popasna bridgehead actually. I think Russia has been permanently cured of the idea of crossing the Donets.

  2. The sea are extended gutters full of crappy unprotected missile boats. As soon as they are hit the the pipes finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The paltry filth of 8 easily intercept-able harpoons will soon be exhausted in any worthy battle. All the officers and politicians who prostituted themselves to boeing will look up at my dependable 16 inch guns and shout "Save US!"...and I'll look down and whisper "No."

  3. We got to Andrew Jackson this problem. Finland and Sweden are in NATO, Turkey can veto it and we all just pretend it didn't happen and we let them join anyway. Death to legal formalism long live "I made it the fuck up" approach to rules.

  4. There's definitely a treasure trove of information to be learned from the Ukraine war but I think we should be cautious in saying that China vis a vis Taiwan and Russia vis a vis Ukraine are very different situations.

  5. Thats a lot of rocket boosters for an ICBM what are they aiming for Zionist moon bases?

  6. managing wildlife includes sometimes needing to cull the herd for the good of the species as a whole. for example a dominant male who is too old to reproduce, and in fighting for dominance may hurt/kill other males who CAN reproduce. for the good of the species as a whole the decision might be made to humanely kill that one specific male.

  7. The idea of conservation hunting has kind of been widely debunked outside of the narrow issue species that are overpopulated. There aren't that many species that are actually suffering from overpopulation. People may not like wolves or coyotes e.g but there isn't an overpopulation of either of those species in environmental terms. There is of species like deer and pigeons.

  8. I have no problem with pitchers not pitching complete games. I do tend to want starters to pitch most of the game. I watched baseball in the 00s and the general practice is you should pull your pitcher once he’s cracked. Sometimes managers left starters in too long and I’m kind of glad that the school of leave your pitcher in until he bombs an inning is out. I think what is hard to watch is pitchers getting pulled as soon as they show any indication they might have trouble or even when they’re doing very well but they’ve finished the batting order twice or whatever. Sports are about watching and appreciating human perseverance and it’s not very fun to watch a game where’s there’s a pitching change every time the manager thinks there’s any risk to keep the pitcher in

  9. Kind of a side question to this, but how would "performing well/badly" actually be defined? If a system is able to mechanically or tactically do its job within a given formation/unit, but is vulnerable to other systems in turn (say, helicopters vs air-defence systems, or tanks vs anti-tank), is it doing well or not?

  10. "Russia's most advanced operational tank being destroyed is actually a good thing"

  11. The PO-2 is the ultimate stealth aircraft. No one would ever think anything flying that slow was actually a military aircraft and thus would be able to fly over the entire SEAD network unbothered.

  12. Virgin B-2 Stealth Bomber vs Russian HQ - Sir we are detecting multiple cruise missile launches 100 KM west of this position from an invisible aircraft. Vasily! Get to the shelter now! 0 Casualties

  13. Armchair Warlord seems to be an actual ex US Army Officer. I mean could be stolen valor but he claims he served for 9 years and in the Field Artillery branch and not NG.

  14. Of course it's stolen. Twitter is full of them. They constantly contact Westerners in academia, military, think-tanks et al, and pretending to be American, with photos ready... Yes photos ready if you doubt they are real...

  15. Looked into it more he's definitely a real person who actually served in the US Army. There is documentation.

  16. Mike Trout, he's hitting a HUGE wall at 30. Cannot hit anymore home runs against al west opponents. Guy is TOAST!

  17. Because these people aren’t communists, they are authoritarians who drape themselves in communist aesthetics because the state they happen to worship calls itself communist.

  18. I've met like 3 in my life. 1 of which skirted the line between Upper Middle Class Radical but I give him some credit for actually doing non perforative things. I would agree 5% is generous for Gen Zedong but probably roughly correct for tankies in general.

  19. The Russian Invasion of Ukraine is the world's First nation-state copium overdose.

  20. I'd recommend taking a look at Oleksiy Arestovych as well. He's an advisor to Zelenskiy, and gives a lot of interviews or press conferences.

  21. I think maybe you could argue T-90s are slightly more survivable but you would think they would have also been disproportionately used in the best of the best units.

  22. I read in the article that an arborist had determined these ash trees to be either infected or susceptible to an exotic pest which would see the tree eventually but certainly fall down. If the liability for this sits with land owners, then land owners need to take action. Quit asking for other tax payers to foot the bill. This one is on you.

  23. One gentleman alone has hundreds of acres with all 4 sides roadfront he had 178 trees marked, it costs 800-1000 typically per tree.

  24. I don’t think you can say with any degree of confidence what the plane that was probably hit was. Could have been a pair of SU-25s but not enough here to say with certainty. The description of the vid cast doubt on that claim although I wouldn’t take it with any degree of confidence. Wouldn’t claim I’m an expert I know more than a little less than a lot.

  25. Possible after-burner for sure. I'd say more likely an interception based on trajectory and level of smoke but possibly a quick dive to ground level flight.

  26. Not all dictators are "smart" but they all in their own way are "clever". It is remarkably hard to take over and run a country for 20 years without being overthrown. If Lusashenka was a fool his regime would have collapsed along time ago. He might be narrow-minded, unacademic, and publicly unimpressive but I very much doubt he's really an idiot.

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