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  1. The mikayla snark mod has an intense hatred for her im convinced this is her full time job

  2. I mean you can think whatever you like but the biology is the biology. If a 20 year old woman wants to carry on her family line she can do it with a peer or a 40 year old man or a 60 year old man. If a 45 year old woman wants to carry on her family line it’s too late.

  3. Only just watched, as I’m in Paris rn and using ITV hub. First of all, I hate this Davide and Gemma ‘relationship’. He’s way, way too old for her! And honestly, I don’t think I’d mind quite so much if she was 21 and he was 29. At least then they’d both be in their 20s. But she’s literally still a teenager and lives with her parents. It’s gross. I don’t know what he thinks he’s gonna get from this relationship.

  4. As a 21 year old people in their late twenties still make me nervous because they’re so grown to me so I can’t believe they threw her in without more young male options besides liam. When you’re the youngest and especially that young you’re so hyper aware of everything you do and say and you can never be comfortable because you’re trying your hardest not to sound dumb I feel so bad for her

  5. I don’t think gemma will care since she has davide which is why I was hoping davide would have been picked for the date with ekin sui would have made for good television

  6. if ur black living in the uk u know where u come from

  7. That’s just untrue. You ask the average black person where they’re ancestors are from they’ll say Africa without naming a specific country or they’ll say America. It’s not a bad thing because it’s not their fault they don’t know but to say they know where they’re originally from is incorrect

  8. The thing is at this point in time black people in america are from specific states with those specific cultures. They do not have a tie to any country in africa anymore besides the left over culture their ancestors passed down to them. They do not need to “know” their roots because it honestly doesn’t even matter it’s been wayyy too long. It’s like asking the native americans who were originally from the asian continent about their roots when they’ve been had a new culture,customs, and land. Also his above statement isn’t accurate either because not every Black person in the uk knows where they’re from either applying the same logic you used.

  9. i’m not disagreeing that they didn’t just get famous bc they’re cute but i’ll never understand how they “stole” dances, literally everyone was doing the renegade and no one knew who started it at the time. like i wish the girl who created it got more hype too but it’s not the damelios fault she didn’t. barley anyone who posted the dance was giving dance credit or whatever lol they just got famous and everyone else didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Old heads dont understand that before the renegade debacle people danced without giving credit. You didn’t get famous off “making the dance” you got famous if you were cute while doing the dance or were extremely impressive while doing the dance. I’m glad people who create dances though now have the opportunity to get a larger platform but back in 2019/2020 creating a dance did not really mean you would get a brand deal or anything

  11. yesss exactly. like how did charli “steal” a dance literally everyone was doing 😭 she probably had no idea who created it

  12. Right I felt bad because she was a young girl and people were trying to act like her actions were with malicious intentions even though there was no precedence before that to credit apps and that specific dance didn’t blow her career up she was already the most followed on the app.

  13. 18 is the best age! Technically an adult so you’ll have freedom but less responsibility/expectations because everyone also still views you as a kid. Enjoy it yall

  14. You’re still a teenager at 18 and 19 it’s in the name “eight-TEEN” “nine-TEEN” and adolescent is the ages “10-19” but most adults consider us kids until we’re like 25/26 and have had some footing in our adulthood😂

  15. She’s sexually desensitized to everything but I’ve been over her. I feel bad in the sense that her BD is abusive and a stalker but when people try to tell her that their relationship dynamic is not good for the kids (arguing,yelling, getting physical) and she actually needs to leave instead of making tik toks with him or of him she turns on her fans telling them they must be new and it’s not their business. It’s our business to make sure children aren’t exposed to erratic behavior. In a way she glamorizes abusive relationships because I’ve seen people saying they want a relationship like them or if they’re not as “toxic as ekane and her baby daddy” they don’t want it😬

  16. She made a whole video about how she met this guy. It's dated April 27th. She said for their 1st date he flew her out to California and got her an airbnb, planned a picnic, then booked a helicopter ride for their 1st date. Then planned a month together in London.

  17. Her style is hyper feminine/vintagey/ old school type of aesthetic no little girl is wearing outfits like that

  18. He’s so racist. I refuse to give him a second of my time. “Hello, Colonizers”. Imagine starting your TT’s with “Hello, any racial slur here” and people being cool with it. The audacity.

  19. Angry reactions was so kind when I knew him. Unfortunately he seems to have let fame get to his head and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with his 2 kids.

  20. Tony hit up someone I knew when she was 13. He was 17… also the fact that he slept with a teacher and got her fired and registered as a sex offender doesn’t help his case back home either. Fuck them both. Probably sold their souls down there

  21. The teacher part seems to be on the teacher because why were they sleeping with a 17 yr old.

  22. True but when you grow up in a restrictive culture sometimes your 20’s is used to be reckless but unfortunately they have children so they should have been smarter

  23. they dated in high school, same age (maybe a year difference)!! they’ve posted about it several times!

  24. No he was in his mid twenties when she was a teen she’s 25 now and he’s in his 30’s

  25. but if anyone ever needed bad mouthed - it's yacht girl. trying to act naive when she is more savvy than most -- let's not forget "what is a prenush?". she grew up knowing what it was. piece of trash deserves what she gets.

  26. She’s a young girl that played the game right. We shouldn’t feel sympathy for a man who took advantage of a young woman from a poor country trying to take care of herself and family. He wanted her youth/looks and she wanted his money. If she got fat or ugly or hit 40 would he still be with her? He had no purpose for her anymore and that’s that.

  27. I’m shocked you don’t know who megan is 😱 but she’s a successful mainstream rapper!

  28. April comes from a good family(her parents are dentists that’s why she has good teeth) so I don’t think she comes from a tough background. I wouldn’t think she’s a swer only because she seemed extremely traditional in the sense she wanted to get married and have kids and live a traditional life.

  29. I remember this show loool i used to think he was the most annoying kid ever but at least the show was better than uncle grandpa 😂

  30. Everytime you post something on here it fuels a gender war. You have severe issues with women please invest in therapy. Most women who say that don’t hate men, they hate the actions of men(abuse,manipulation,slut shaming). Please stop posting this kind of stuff on this sub as there are impressionable kids on here(2006 and beyond)

  31. Genderwar? How is simply questioning something fueling something, it sounds like you want to censor people. Maybe go to a children’s website or something

  32. It’s just redundant. You keep posting about women over and over again(and they’re not positive) and you’re not looking for geniune answers you just want it to be a bashing session

  33. How are they worse? Most incels advocate for dangerous things and because of their sex they actually have the power to get those things done and harm real life women. Their just women who have been dealt with years of mistreatment and taking it to the extremes. At worst, they’ll just never find a romantic partner. At best, they’ll have a rich attentive partner. An incel in a relationship is just scary and there’s no best version for that woman.

  34. He doesn’t seem much better than her tbh he just keeps his business off the internet

  35. 5’7 is tall for a girl especially when the average height for men is 5’9 and the average height for a girl is 5’4 bit 5’7 isn’t a ridiculously tall height like 6’0 on a woman

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