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  1. That would be interesting. Killing gods using a dark magic blade corrupts his soul. Though that may be a bit too Voldemort.

  2. I for one want Gorr to start out as a face-tumor-baby on the back of someone's head.

  3. Thor and Jane become a cosmic super couple and neither of them replace each other. We just have two Thors now

  4. Gotta have a Thor Corps for Battleworld. Fingers crossed that is the Phase 5 finale.

  5. Kurse is a brawler, which makes this a less exciting match. He wins them all because his output and durability were unmatched until he got sucked into a damned black hole.

  6. It’s behavioral assessment, nothing to do with crying

  7. Imagine being a person who condones this shit. Disgusting.

  8. This is the best noir movie ever made. I like it more than Chinatown.

  9. Honestly the villains all seem more stable than the heroes..

  10. Chris Pratt may be a closeted religious MAGA douche. Which is sad because he is so popular.

  11. So what? Who cares if he is religious and supports MAGA. Those are his beliefs and his opinions. It doesn’t make him a terrible person.

  12. Well, having terrible beliefs does make you a terrible person.

  13. Its like 200 acres. Thats a lot of walking. Plus if you live there you still need personal transportation

  14. As an aspiring rich person. . . Is this fun? Is this the goal? To live in a condo on a shitty island in a shitty state and take a golf cart from one side of your fake hexagon island to another? Is there even a beach? What a shitty life.

  15. Average not median. So basically one billionaire lives there. I assume the cleaning staff does not earn 2.2 millions.

  16. Cleaning staff doesn't live on the island. Why would the residents let the plebs live anywhere near them?

  17. No vaccines, or anyone with any antibodies from previous waves/ variants. That’s gunna be bad.

  18. I believe this is settled as Black Panther is basically Batman with more money, skills, intelligence, and political power, but less insanity.

  19. The official stance of Apple is that there are no recordings done before your "Hey, Siri" prompt. Only after the prompt does it record and send for voice recognition analysis.

  20. OP was asking about listening, not recording. And yes it is always listening. If you use Google assistant, your phone is also always listening.

  21. He looks taller than I would have thought, or she looks shorter, or he has really high heeled shoes with goldfish in them.

  22. I know I'm a disgusting fucking pleb for this but Taco bell's mild and hot sauce are my favorite. Both are sold in bottles online

  23. I'm a hot sauce snob, and I love me some Taco Bell.

  24. A battle between these two would truly be a sight to behold!

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