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The sinking of the SS El Faro (Analysis). October 1st, 2015

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  1. Not yet, just relax a bit about it, it will come in divine timing. Maybe plan a vacation, enjoy life and relax! Trust in the universe a little bit more, you aren’t going to force it to make it faster so take off the pressure.

  2. Gently, your dream seems to be about a belief that she still has power over you — and your fear that she’s cast at you also seems to indicate you believe she still has power over you.

  3. So if someone is continuously cursing you, all you have to do is not believe? I always do return to sender but now I’m tired of that.. she keeps trying.. Edit: I feel strong against her however like I said I’m tired of doing return to sender :((

  4. Are you absolutely sure she’s actually casting against you and that she knows what she’s doing and is successful at it? How do you know?

  5. Well i was gonna say I’m not phased but I guess I am because I’m inquiring; she literally has taken me to court and later admitted to saying she “had voodoo power over me” etc, went in about her family history and what not. I lost a boyfriend and he was murderedZ I hadn’t heard from her in years and she suddenly reappeared saying that was voodoo and some sort or redemption. I was too weak at the loss of my bf to argue with her. Crazy part is, this girl is in my family. Weird jealous girl, but she did start to try to reconnect with her other side of the family from New Orleans so she is oddly incorporating that into her threats

  6. Is there a name for this iceberg to help identify it?

  7. Is that same iceberg still in place today? Sorry if that’s stupid Q

  8. The practice tests on are basically the exact same as the real test, just shorter :) so if you passed those easily go ahead and schedule, you’ll easily pass the real deal too

  9. Yes!! Haha have mine schedule for wed in person 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  10. You have to cleanse your energy and space, also meditation will help

  11. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy won’t be too happy with you about this

  12. No, you should try. I feel that it's your passion and it would be something that you would love doing. It's going to be highly competitive and tough, and you're going to doubt if you're even on the right path but you will make it. I highly believe that you can and will achieve being an astronaut.

  13. Wow thank you so much!!!!!!! Definitely going to keep going :)

  14. Wheewwww I needed to hear this. Literally in the process of leaving my Man, we separated but got back together and I’m learning the damage from the previous run has already been done :/ thanks for this! Lol

  15. Doing this tomorrow with whatever herbs I have! Thankyou!!!

  16. Very brave of you to be so honest with yourself! It is NOT EASY to delay what you want for what is right. But trust your gut. In 6 months you will be so grateful for your choices.

  17. Thank you so much! I’m so heartbroken bc everything was planned but it’s a life lesson and honestly, I now know how to get prepared for my true life partner.

  18. How did you do it on them? I normally read myself. I think someone is trying to use black magic on me as well ;/

  19. She’s still in transition figuring out all the intricacies of passing on, try meditation and reaching out tonight, I think you’d have success with her recent passing.

  20. Omg thankyou so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. I’ve been struggling with similar feelings! None of my grandparents are still alive, my father passed away in 2010, and my mother turned 70 this year. She’s in fine health, but I worry that the longer it takes me to conceive, the less time she’ll have to be a part of my kids’ lives. People are waiting to have kids until they’re older, and that’s fine, but you definitely feel the pressure when you’re also a child of older parents and grandparents.

  22. Feels like I waited tooooo long and oddly I was afraid of getting pregnant before trying. Now that I’m trying I just cannot :( your mum will be there! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ no matter what

  23. Just hit month 7 and SO over it. It doesn’t help that my bff who has 1 and is expecting her second got pregnant with both on the first try. She was my only “case study” from my real life before we started TTC so I naively assumed it’d be that easy for me too. No kind words to offer other than “I FEEL YOU!!!!” This blows

  24. Karma simply means work. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. Karma is a tool for evolution and balance. The wheel of karma is stopped only through love of forgiveness. This includes yourself. Lessons should not be confused as being karma. Lessons are lessons. They are also there too to help with conscious evolution. If you’re impatient and always experience a reality where you need to be patient, there is your lesson. That is not karma. Karma can be a tool for teaching, like a school. Then you learn your lessons within that school.

  25. this was the most perfect simple response that sums everything up and I feel so good after this knowing my intentions in life <3 thank you!

  26. he wants u back but maybe not for the right reasons :/ glad ur not taking it desperately, however its okay to work thru ur feelings and communicate if u need to

  27. Bravo 🤣 👏🏼 those days are long gone for me. Four knee surgeries and I’m trying to hold off on a replacement.

  28. Omg you’re a soldier! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. I'd be surprised if they actually cared about that boring stuff instead of caring about your linguistic skills, your physical attributes (looks, height, physique), attitude, and background checking you. I knew of people who had academic qualifications but got rejected because they didn't meet the other more important requirements.

  30. Interesting cus I fit all the other requirements perfectly yay I guess lol!!!

  31. Obgyn but you have to ask specifically for it and it’s a swab they do inside

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