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  1. As the resident Britmerican professional localization person, I am calling it here:

  2. She might be trying to imply/fabulating that she's Romani?

  3. So she pulled the "check yes or no" letter and scrubbed pretty much every comment referencing it....

  4. Any idea why? It seemed dull enough, copied from Google Cache:

  5. KM is back and she apparently drank before interviews.

  6. She finally recovered from the "platty jube"... Yay!?

  7. As a native East Coaster and an Italian who has lived in a similar region for 12 years, it drives me INSANE. Especially in Italian culture, you protect YOUR OWN first, not some random theoretical stranger who doesn't even exist.

  8. This has been a fascinating read, being Scandinavian from what's considered the most polite part of my country I recognize some of this from growing up, but it was always much milder and largely from the (now largely gone) grandparent generation...

  9. I'm aware, thus parts of it being instantly recognizable, just somehow taken to the extreme and mixed with a bit of good old puritanism...

  10. God, I haven't thought about TVgasm for years... I miss the snark!

  11. OP 5: 'I’ve seen questions and discussion about it, so I thought your readers might be interested to know that I stopped wearing a bra at work about six months ago'

  12. I'm just waiting for Keymaster to chime in about her massive baps or bristols or whatever other British slang for breasts her dictionary offers up...

  13. Can you shed some light on this? This is the first time I’m hearing of this. I have no idea what a Molestation Protection Project is and I’m a little afraid of what the google results might be on that one.

  14. You and me both, I got so annoyed I googled her and ended up here.

  15. Same - I have AdBlock Plus as well. Thousands of ads are "blocked", but the page is still full of them.

  16. Odd, I use the exact same: AdBlock Plus and Chrome. I'm subscribed to the 中文 (Chinese)+English and the Scandinavian blocking lists, and have checked the "block social" and "block additional tracking", and thankfully nothing has ever pushed past the filters... You can try adding more languages to block ads in, and see if it'll help?

  17. Shockingly, folks are discovering that the FDA is an overly conservative bureaucracy.

  18. The main reason we don't have an omicron booster - it doesn't work any better if people already got the original vaccine! See:

  19. KoG - the herpes all over AskaManager...

  20. I just looked it up on my local hospital's website. No mention of waiting periods or charges. Just that there is a legal limit of 24 weeks and they only have the facilities for procedures up to 12 weeks, so they will have to refer you if you need it later. Maybe it's different in London? (J/K)

  21. I can't find any verification, but if we're talking decades ago a mandatory wait period wouldn't surprise me - my own country had them, Ireland currently mandates three days, and Jersey scrapped their mandatory wait period last year:

  22. yeah, honestly I have considered a manual crawler that scans the site because of just how aggressively she uses the memory hole not for legitimate reasons ("Make Money Fa$t working from home!" messages, outright trolling or truly vile personal insults) but to reinforce the echo chamber to a pathological degree and to remove even mild criticism of her beloved favorites (and herself, of course).

  23. If there's a particularly juicy comments section you could always do a snapshot with

  24. Alison rerunning letters again. Lazy lazy lazy. At least we get to relive the telenovela of LW1 and her update. Notes declaring “I’m pregnant and it’s yours!” Wives delivering divorce papers personally in the office and making a scene! I miss the days where the creative writing on that site was fun like this and not flat out crazy.

  25. Reruns on a Wednesday... Is there some obscure American holiday today, or is this the new normal?

  26. You can literally buy slippers that are mops on the bottom. Sure it's a novelty item but I'm sure that plenty of people actually use them for this purpose.

  27. I'm definitely going to buy the baby mop onesies when the baby starts crawling!

  28. I don’t think she had ever said she expects relocation assistance, to be fair. But she is obviously being very unrealistic still

  29. NTA. You drinking a beer on your own property is perfectly fine - after all, beer is 100% legal. It might be different if you were sloppy drunk, but you weren't.

  30. Someone on that thread made a comment that the trademark is dead, and y’all

  31. There's two registrations, one dead/cancelled and the other still alive. Can't link directly, so just search "Ask a Manager":

  32. She did say before that she would love to pivot to a relationship column, but honestly, I'd say her passive aggressive scripts would be (even more) horrible there... It wouldn't surprise me if your theory is correct, that she cultivates click-baity answers - that'd also explain the horribly outdated look and design of her web page, since one would assume both that and click-bait scares away lots of people looking for serious guidance.

  33. Is Alison finally giving her redesign a new try? The page has been down for me for several hours...

  34. I posted this in the weekly thread, but honestly, it's the first time I've read the comments to this post - and the weirdos did not disappoint!

  35. Reddit threw a wholesome award at me, and since your reaction is as wholesome as they get, please take it!

  36. Natural immunity for SARS has been documented to last for 20+ years. The 1918 Spanish flu had documented immunity for 100 years. Viruses like smallpox also have sterilizing immunity. So far, natural immunity has a more robust 8mmune response for variants and lasts longer (18 months and counting) than vaccines (which wane at 4 mos and are gone by 6mos). On immune response:

  37. I find it fascinating that you're posting sound science, and yet gets downvoted... Scandinavia has opted to not vaccinate young children and Norway only gives a single dose to older children, as our national statistics (yay, socialized health care!) seem to indicate that the (rare, but potentially serious) side effects of mRNA vaccines pose a greater risk to children than the virus itself.

  38. Because they didn't close down at the beginning, before vaccines became available. I suggest you look at the statistics now, instead of repeating whatever headline you caught way back last spring...

  39. Did you see the same thing happened to Keymaster? And the presenter was shouted out of the room!

  40. NTA - this is your money, and your father is basically stealing from an adult, you're 18 years old and have every right to waste the money or light them on fire if you feel like it. Where's your mom in this, or your grandparents?

  41. INFO: How well off are her parents, and where in China are they from? (There's a huge North/South and to some degree East/West divide in this.) Do you own a house?

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