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  1. Helluva season. I think you guys can potentially be right back in the thick of the playoffs with an infusion at QB and a couple draft picks or FA at O-line. Watt is a fucking monster and if you guys had some slightly better qb play it could have been a much tighter game! Ben just looked a little bit off but it was enough to stop a bunch of drives for yall. Good luck next year Steelerbro!

  2. I could never consider myself sexually attractive. I think it would be weird if anyone ever tried to hit on me or anything. I don't consider myself a target audience for that. I just don't consider those things at all. No way.

  3. Idk how people don't like the game. imo defense slug fests are just as fun as offensive duels.

  4. Schools get gourmet meals with nutritionists, to help with child neurodevelopment. I also think that if a student gets in trouble, the parent comes in and shadows the student as a required punishment.

  5. Have 17 kids and can confirm it makes helping them all out easier. I’ve noticed in past years when I’ve had 20+ it gets waaaaayyyy more out of hand and less likely I’ll get one-on-one time with my students.

  6. Most certainly. I had 36 at the beginning of the year, and I was still having to sub and teach because we didn't have a math teacher for my grade. Imagine balancing both jobs, doing IEPs and grading math. That's traumatizing.

  7. Hello! For me personally, my Christian community and the purity culture that came along with it got in the way of me realizing I was asexual. I simply thought that the reason that I didn’t want to have sex was because I was a “good Christian”. That being said, I did experience aro/ace-phobia from people in that community when I told them that I didn’t want to have sex or get married. For a long time, I was homophobic, and I didn’t see my asexuality as a sexual orientation. Eventually, though, I became more accepting and affirming. I have had to un-learn a lot of toxic theology and move towards a more healthy form of spirituality. My faith now motivates me to advocate for marginalized people, especially LGBTQ+ folks and live a life of service to others. I have been open about being aro/ace in my current bible study group, and they have been very accepting and supportive. My spiritual journey has given me the strength and peace to be freely and unapologetically myself.

  8. You sound like me. I went through the same exact metamorphosis, all the way.

  9. I left my Christian community because when I was not married by age 25 and all that, people basically ostracized me from all circles. They didn't seem to appreciate the fact I didn't want to date or get married. They just thought that I was denying the will of being a proper adult by not wanting to be a family man. I left all church all together, because they don't think being single is a good thing to them.

  10. Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry about everything that's happened. I am hoping for the best for you & your son, and it's shameful how New York shut its doors to the cries of teachers. Shameful job by Eric Adams to allow this.

  11. genuinely calling a person sexy feels so uncomfortable for me TT

  12. I am out to some people, but I have had some bad experiences coming out, with people thinking that all men are just basic horndogs who want to sex anything. I usually don't come out to people unless I trust that they understand and accept it.

  13. I can't figure any of it out. It is one of the things I simply cannot comprehend.

  14. There looks to be more fans of Houston than Tulsa at the game. My goodness!

  15. I mean, it's not that long of a drive for Houston fans.

  16. It isn't. But I as a Tulsa fan was not happy with Haith being hired in the 1st place, especially after having Danny Manning. I think it's time for a new coach. When fan attendance is more towards a road team, that's a bad sign fans have given up.

  17. You can’t make this sort of dystopian shit up.

  18. I wonder when in this dystopian nightmare when politicians in their denial of factual reality of exponential covid cases will employ convicts to teach children. I used to joke about that being a solution for the teacher shortage. Now, it doesn't seem that far out of the realm of possibilities.

  19. Oh, geez, the whole, asexual man don't exist invalidation. Just because men are capable of erections doesn't mean men always want sex. Learn about arousal nonconcordance, people!

  20. My district has a media clause that states we cannot go to the media to speak, unless one wants to risk consequences.

  21. Live for you. I am grateful even if no one cares. I know it's hard being a teenager, but you can't live a life that pleases them, when it ultimately disappoints yourself. I know for sure I did that. I let people tell me who I was for so long, and I got dissuaded at 19 by my family and friends who didn't think it was real or anything. They still don't think it's real. It angers me a bit, but I realize I have to be my own self at the end of the day. I can't let them kill my soul or take it away. If that means everyone is gone, so be it.

  22. That’s … quite profound. I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you so much!

  23. Never saw it as relevant in my life. It's about as relevant as February 29. I'm sorry if you were born on the leap year. I didn't mean it pejoratively. It's just that I don't celebrate valentine's day. I'll be sitting and watching a game show then.

  24. Feel free to ask for an opt out and an alternative assignment. There should be something to sign for or just a request by teacher should allow it. That's fine.

  25. Buddy, this is so me. I know exactly how you feel, my fellow ace guy. I go through the same things, and I'm still years in as an ace. I know how it is, and that it can get lonely at times. I know that feeling all too well. I'm with you, and you're not alone.

  26. Me. I get nervous to the point of recoil, and if anyone ever tried doing that to me, I would instantaneously have a panic attack. I am right there with you.

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