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Yo ScotRail, your move

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  1. the male connector does not fit into anything in my psu, its shape is rectangular, it clearly says in psu which is pcie and which is cpu, the female connector (6+2) however connects into psu easily, gpu isnt issue, psu is

  2. Plug it into another system, see if the same thing happens?

  3. Power down at the Psu. Take gpu out. Put it in again.

  4. I have tried this already sadly. The fans and RGB turn on on the gpu.

  5. Single channel vs dual channel. Then using the wrong slots.

  6. Thank you very much. Is dual channel different from dual rank?

  7. I've never heard it being called rank before? But yes I think this the same thing.

  8. Reformat it in disk management. This will wipe all data so make sure you copy anything you want to keep off it.

  9. Anyone know the gate address O'Neill and Teal'c played golf through?

  10. Didn't the weapon have a fast rate and slow rate? That you could change?

  11. I highly doubt it had that, there is the M3 that fires 1200-1500 rounds a minute but that was aircraft only

  12. Shit I'm thinking of the BAR.... Apologies. I should not comment when about to fall asleep!

  13. I think the underlying motive of "live and let live" is that there is no point in arguing it. You are highly unlikely to change their mind. Regardless of where they stand on the issue.

  14. The only reason I bought one was it was the same price as the flat version.

  15. Most games have a Discord server. Most of these have channels promoting groups of gamers. I'd start there

  16. I think i have a discord account but i never really use it. might be worth looking at though cheers

  17. Discord is the go to application for a lot of game communities.

  18. Nah been banned since the start of the pandemic. Dosent stop folk like.

  19. Huh I didn't realise! Most other national rail it's fine. But I know Scotland has its alcohol issues.

  20. I have the HyperX Cloud 2 (wired) and very happy with them. Seems durable so far (9 months).

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