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  1. Well, it was fairly early and my Dad never stopped by. The new guy charged him and because my dad is a rule following retired Lt Col air force commander, he paid.

  2. I did a security challenge (secure workplace) on my boss's boss's boss's boss on his first day. I was embarrassed, he apparently was very impressed.

  3. But what about your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate?

  4. He better hit that salute with “That will be $7 SIR”

  5. When you can make a screen door look good you should be the next male super model.

  6. Sorry but when you can make a full steel gate door look good, you’re runway ready bb

  7. Kylo uses the force to freeze a blaster in mid air

  8. He also uses the force to jack his lil weenus and before u say he doesn’t just know that even in the Star Wars universe statistics still exist and he 100% has force choked himself to completion

  9. I have a newborn, and the “Bill Squishman” bit from gorley had me dying

  10. “Ma’am, we’ll literally pick your kid up on a bus and bring them to school. It’s a school bus. Your taxes pay for it.”

  11. Everyone knows Del Taco is where it's at.

  12. Because she's too late into the pregnancy. It's a bad look for pro-choice and I bet a lot of pro-choicers would have a problem with it.

  13. My last comment got deleted. She’s an anti-choice activist (I can’t link to her account apparently). She did this knowing full well that abortion in her 3rd trimester (I would guess 28-38 weeks) is never performed in any state unless the fetus is already deceased. This is 100% bullshit.

  14. Why does anyone even assume this woman wants an abortion for herself? The only thing her stomach says is that she doesn't consider the fetus a human, yet.

  15. Again, not allowed to link to her channel. She explicitly says the exact opposite of what you’re posting and I think you misread mine.

  16. A lot of the German dialogue isn't translated correctly. The most common ones are short orders directed at the Jews in scenes like the one above mostly telling where to go.

  17. From your description, this sounds less like interpretation discrepancy and more like the studio really dropping the ball on getting a competent German transcriber. Those lines do not seem like they could be interpreted differently

  18. For me it’s Bo Burnham. I could easily see him getting there

  19. how do you get a job like that? i kind of want to get out of the kitchen and into something like that but i didn’t go to school for it.

  20. The pay is shit. Not that BOH pay isn’t also shit, but it’s worse.

  21. I sneezed near my uncle’s Lancair and it cost 800 summers of mowing lawns

  22. “Unforeseen circumstances due to us having no control over wing walker Kevin. Press 3 to hear more options”

  23. I want to break down the ‘hobbies = toxcitiy’ thing.

  24. Former Senior Editor & Head Writer of a major digital media platform here.

  25. 2 Years have passed, we have yet to find any way to theme iTunes.

  26. Haa hey man! Unfortunately no. I also just had my first kid two days ago, so extra dev time will be limited.

  27. Homes over a million? So most homes in LA county.

  28. I always thought about making a show called “Actual Million Dollar listings” for LA and showcase some great converted garages near Palmdale

  29. Security through obscurity I see. That always ends well!

  30. People that run Raid0 are the same people that will street race their daily driver.

  31. Same people that will hit on their fiancée’s maid of honor

  32. This CPU has completely missing pins. A majority of those pins that are completely flat will likely break off when straightened.

  33. Linus tried to resolder some and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him so frustrated

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