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  1. Why exactly was there a nervous vibe in Philly?They genuinely seemed worried even with Purdy out.Just a weird first half.

  2. Why exactly is there nervous energy? Just weird vibe overall even with Purdy out.

  3. Can't wait in a few years when they peak and realize they can't win the title. They still feeling the novelty right now like they're on the rise.

  4. Yeah, have masturbated in basically every hotel room I've ever stayed in. I don't know what it is exactly but there's something about jerking off in a new place that I find very exciting, plus as you say who knows how many other people have been masturbating in the exact same spot.

  5. Late at night I've jerked off the balcony. I felt like I was on top of the world when I came and seeing my jizz fly all the way down to the ground.

  6. probably. a custom jersey. it's a hardwood classics jersey i believe. that's a rare jersey tho

  7. I saw an Anthony Lamb custom The Town jersey which he never wore. I also saw a Jeremy Lin Chinese New Year jersey even though he wasn't om the team. You can do whatever you want if you customize it.

  8. Apologize, keep your eyes on them while backing away!

  9. Can you get rid of adrenaline if you train or is it always there? That fight didn't look too realistic but I understand looking at body language.

  10. Acting Tough and actual aggression are 2 different things that can occur independently, consecutively or in parallel.

  11. Cool thanks for the advice. Ya I definitely get the two mixed up.


  13. Thanks that's what I was looking for! How do you get the numbers?

  14. Would need to request from yank threads

  15. I think it is called being an cock gets sooo much harder when I know someone is watching...

  16. But the question is are you doing it at people without their consent ? I think thats the only way you become am exhibitionist.

  17. Went to my first game of the season yesterday and I can say there is no snobby rich people vibe. I sense that a lot of fans are just happy that they made it through the gates and into the arena like they've been planning and waiting for this moment for a long time. I can feel the gratitude and gratefulness more than arrogance.

  18. People sell giveaways all the time lol. Some people go just to do that. I don't know where OP is feeling guilt about selling it. It's smart.

  19. It was a pigeon. It was likely killed by a peregrine or a cooper's hawk. Once the choice bits were consumed by the initial predator the rest would have ended up inside a coyote or a fox. This is all conjecture, of course

  20. I was confused at first but this is literally the right answer lol.

  21. A bird of prey did this. Cats, dogs and other predators will crunch up a skeleton whole. On large prey items that birds can’t swallow whole, they will de-flesh the skeleton except for the wings since there isn’t enough meat there to bother with. But it is not, necessarily, a peregrine like everyone is saying. Jumping immediately to one of the rarer birds of prey when there is absolutely nothing else to suggest that isn’t responsible at all. Assuming you’re in North America, some of the other possibilities are sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper’s hawk, Merlin, and prairie falcon.

  22. Location would help confirm. We often find wings in the same areas of downtown Washington DC where peregrine falcons have been known to hang out.

  23. I like coming in as underdogs. Let the pressure be on Philly to validate that they are the best team. If the Niners lose it won't be a surprise. Hope they play freely with a chip on their shoulder.

  24. For whatever reason the Celtics always seem to crumble when the game is on the line. JT and JB play well the majority of a game but don't have that clutch gene.

  25. You could buy the cheapest tickets for each event and just move closer to the ice. This is super easy to do if you're alone. Just don't get up and move while the skaters are performing. Wait to move between skaters.

  26. I'm here now. You have to buy a ticket for every event or buy the weekend package which doesn't include the gala on Sunday. Ticket prices have been reduced in some cases.

  27. Do they make everyone leave the arena after the program ends? I don't know if you can hang out till the start of the next one.

  28. He was a good shooter and I think the free throw percentage is because it’s really low volume

  29. I think he's another victim of not getting enough reps and would be playing better on a bad team.

  30. Not as much this season. The price drop usually isn't worth the wait either. You'll stress yourself out waiting for it to happen.

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