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  1. bro every time I study I'm alone everyone else is with friends, shits demoralizing

  2. Don’t forget to do it for yourself too, you deserve it. Take it one day at a time, even one hour at a time is also enough. You’ve got this!

  3. Yes! If you can't ask your doctor first its up to you to try. Might I suggest Koi cbd or any reliable company. Try a isolate product firts or at least a broad spectrum. It just takes away the depression at least a little.

  4. So I’m not too sure, but according to the website:

  5. I was also told by an academic advisor to retake the courses rather than apply for a full academic reset. It depends on your situation though so definitely book an appointment with one, they’re super helpful!

  6. I could be wrong, but I think the bus pass is a fee you paid for in September which allows you to use the bus pass until April 30th, 2023. Regardless of you dropping down to part-time, you’ve already paid for it. So you should be fine?

  7. If you’re like me and are prone to anxiety then maybe don’t drink more than 1 cup a day

  8. I would email the professor and ask. It’s possible he just forgot to make it visible to students on brightspace

  9. I got an email saying my card was ready and when I went to pick it up I was told it still wasn’t ready, despite the email confirmation. 🙃

  10. If you have discord uottawa has a server that contains a bunch of class servers that exist

  11. I think if you’re taking 3 or less they charge you per course. I took 2 summer classes and was charged individually for both.

  12. I say just go to the try outs… why the hell not? What do you really have to lose? Plus you could potentially make friends at the try outs.

  13. I also had the same problem when I got a new phone. I emailed the university and IT responded telling me the issue was fixed.

  14. You cannot retake a course if you already passed the course it’s a pre requisite for, example, if you take class A which is a req for class B, then take class B, and now want to re take class A to boost ur gpa, you cannot

  15. Really? Is that a Telfer thing? Cause I think you can depending on your degree, I’ve retaken math classes

  16. Anytime this happened to me (years ago) I just called the undergrad office and they manually enrolled me. If it’s mandatory for your program they’ll just put you in.

  17. I’ve called the office and they were able to add me onto a waiting list at position 51. Have you ever been this high on a waiting list previously? If so, what do you think my chances of getting in are?

  18. As long as there's room in the course, but none for your, it is very possible. If the course is full to capacity, it's not as easy. A lot goes into determining class sizes, including the professors collective agreements, they can't just keep adding more students just like that even if they need it.

  19. I’m hoping it all works out… it might end up putting me behind a semester due to prerequisites but I’ll have to look into it more

  20. I noticed that this was also the case for one of my labs. 10:30am on a Saturday

  21. I had never coded before taking this class. It requires a lot of time and effort if you haven’t coded before. Professor Vida’s assignments were difficult in my opinion (they probably took me around 10-12hrs to complete) but prepare you well for the midterms/exam.

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