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I've consumed just about every recreational drug that was made available to me over the course of the last decade, and I only have one piece of knowledge I'd consider worth sharing.

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  1. Comedians are some of the crudest yet most honest people. This is what makes them funny. They’re saying what the majority of us aren’t willing to say. As for his table manners, why do we care about this?

  2. Where are her friends and why aren’t they calling her an uber

  3. I’m also facing this issue. Applied for OSAP on June 2nd and my funding hasn’t been calculated, status says “on hold” Called the university and they basically told me to be patient.

  4. Take the other courses in the telfer course sequence (that dont need calc as a prereq) and apply to switch while u take the high school courses online. In gr12 i took advanced functions but not calc. There is a replacement course that u can actually take at uottawa for calc (MAT1339 i think).

  5. Yes the replacement course is MAT1339 which covers gr12 math as well as precalculus and if I remember correctly some calculus 1 topics. I was recommended by uottawa to take this course rather than adult HS as it’s taught in a university setting which ultimately is more beneficial.

  6. Thank you all so much ❤️ we got this guys. We’ve made it another day!

  7. I’ve been feeling this a lot lately. I met all my friends while out partying, and we had so much fun! But I’ve recently quit smoking weed due to anxiety, and even drinking casually every once in a while triggers a panic attack… next thing I know I’m trying to walk home barefoot while crying after only having 3 beers. If my friends were really my friends they would want to do sober things with me just as much as they want to get plastered with me, and only time will determine that.

  8. Water, or any fluids. Keep drinking them. Dabs and weed in general cause the mucus membrane to inflate. That inflammation can lead to a lot of sinus issues (causing headaches) and the post nasal drip accumulates at the back of the throat and eventually in the stomach causing nausea and vomiting. And what do we do when we feel nauseous? We smoke weed! Its really counterproductive. But anyway, if no ones told you today, I’m proud of you.

  9. Sending you love. I’m so proud of you for not smoking for 2 entire days. I smoked every day for 6 years. I’m 25 now and I quit 12 days ago. I think we can both quit together. In fact, I know we can.

  10. The advice I give people who want to use drugs, even just casually and spontaneously… just google it. Type the name of the drug into the search bar and hit enter. Read, and even consume afterwards, whatever. People are gonna experiment and that’s normal. But at the very least, just google it.

  11. Just joined today. Ready to fix my brain:(

  12. The brain is very malleable. The simple act of you thinking of quitting is creating new and positive neural circuits. You can do it! I believe in you.

  13. When I disclose that I’m a Gemini, the immediate reaction is that I’m two-faced. I find this misunderstand rather annoying as it represents close-mindedness. I’m not two-faced, I simply want all the facts/every side of the story. A misconception is that I’m agreeing with both parties when in reality I’m just highly curious. Just because I asked for your opinion, and another opinion doesn’t mean I agree with you or that I necessarily agree with the opposite. Ultimately, I cultivate all information to create my own thought and opinion.

  14. Thank you for sharing!! Congrats on your sobriety, I’m so proud of you! I also used weed to cope with my mental health. I was diagnosed with depression along with social anxiety and weed felt like a godsend. It helped me socialize and feel good about going to work and talking to people, but just like any substance, I think the weed eventually started working against me. I became very antisocial, I would excuse myself to take a bong hit upstairs and would essentially disappear for the rest of the night.

  15. You nailed it on the head! Weed is only a bandaid like any other drug and doesnt truly allow you to heal! Congrats on week 1! How are you feeling now?

  16. After 1 week, and almost 2 now, I feel a lot better. I still have mild headaches daily and momentarily feel like my anxiety might take over, but interestingly enough my mind seems to calm down much faster when I’m not repressing it with weed.

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