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  1. Nothing more than a festival full of fucking hypocrites and young impressionable adults that really don't see what they are doing at all... forgive them father for they know not what they do!

  2. Another reason to depopulate!

  3. For the moment, my country (SG), lifted most Vax (must be boosted) restrictions except dining in and gatherings of more than 500. I expect they will return someday as large shopping malls still have the gantry and vaccine passport app is still online. Many gov/medium/large companies also "mandate" boosters.

  4. SS: The Rockefeller Globalist manufactured climate crisis is their excuse to kill us of over several decades. There is no CO2 threat from fosssil fuels, cow farts and us humans.

  5. Why can't it be both? There are sun and climate cycles whether 11 years or millennia long. AND humans are also fucking shit up. Plastic waste, deforestation, coal/oil burining, over consumption etc.

  6. Someone has got a lot of balls in their hands.

  7. They mean there are no more unvaxxed astronauts available.

  8. Yes. I noticed the numbers looked fudged. Not only that but now they're doing a per 100,000 person ratio rather than giving us the raw number data. I wonder 🤔 why that is. This place is fucked.

  9. My country is calculating it the same way. There is fuckery afoot.

  10. Nevermind, I found a live map with 5g overlays. Omaha has coverage.

  11. SS: Is this a sign that this is the safest place in the USA to stay?

  12. This guy's Ted talk appeared on my bit chut3 autoplay. I thought his taking points sounded so contrived. Now I see he is part of the wef and it makes total sense.

  13. Proof he actually said this?? Because, I've seen a ton of posts about, "Gosh guys, I'm like so confused right now..." and we all know most posts lately are fake

  14. That's funny, you're facing the same problem he did.

  15. This person knows what's up.

  16. Damn Bro. Last few days be like IMDB cast list for the NWO.

  17. Maybe that's why they are so in your face right now. They believe they can't be stopped.

  18. Can someone just take one for the team and kill this fuck

  19. I honestly think violence and chaos will bring us deeper into the trap. Universal non compliance might be a way out. But seems extremely difficult to achieve.

  20. I think 95% of the people in my country still don't know this guy exists. It's not looking good.

  21. Yea bro, I'm living it for the past two months now.

  22. She may be right about Harris, buy she is also a WEF youth. Can't be trusted.

  23. Dr. Malone challenged any opposition to meet him on Rogan's show to debate/discuss the facts. I don't think anyone has taken him up on that offer yet.

  24. Steve Kirsch has a standing offer of a million just too show up to a debate.

  25. I was gifted a kangen machine 3 years ago. Helped my gout. Was drinking reverse osmosis before that. And regular filtered before that since I was a kid.

  26. I think they are sold in many countries but it's normally through some multi level marketing channel. I guess you can buy them online as well. There are many competing brands now so maybe you should read some reviews first. Just search for alkaline water machines on youtube.

  27. I read that again in Alex Jones' voice after reading your comment.

  28. Jessica Rose researched whether 5% of vax lots caused 100% of adverse events. The answer is "no," but she did document variability in adverse events between lots. Plus she has pretty diagrams!

  29. Hope she is in contact with Reiner. Wonder how the first group of researchers missed this. Is it because the batch numbers are incorrectly keyed into VAERS?

  30. This shot will last a lifetime. Remaining lifetime that is.

  31. Someone will deal with it in 2 days with no treatment, someone will die whether they use Ivermectin, remdesivir or whatever else they choose.

  32. Well I'm not allowed to get IVM for covid in my country. Why am I not allowed to try this relatively safe treatment? Maybe the placebo effect of IVM is good enough. Nope, still banned.

  33. I watched the video of the celebrity singer who left the cult, not all of them have to participate in ritual abuse till a certain level. But the lower levels do hidden symbols to show they are in the group.

  34. What is the purpose of this psyop? telling the public that if a wealthy and famous sports star can't beat the mandates, then neither can you?

  35. Maybe - Reinforcing the idea that collective rights over individual rights.

  36. Ah yes. My uncle died of cancer 20 years after he stopped smoking. There could have been no connection to smoking cigarettes his lung cancer happened 20 years after he stopped/s

  37. Shit, what's up with accutane? I took it 20 years ago for a short while.

  38. Do you have suicidal thoughts, ibs, chrohns, depression etc? I can't leave the house without taking 3 shits in the morning

  39. I have undiagnosed ibs now. It's not that bad seems diet related. But this maybe started once I reach my 30s. I took sinovac and have some large intestine abdominal pain at the same time for a month. From the first shot. But the pain was apparently caused by certain foods I was eating at the same time. Chinese doctor told me to stop eating a certain food combination and the pain mostly went away. But every now and then I get a tingle in the same spot.

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