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  1. Indeed it did. Didn't really learn anything about it from it's sparse lore tho. Except Shadow Daemons are spooky.

  2. now we back in Ghur in the gnarlwoods again like why? got warcry for that

  3. Here hoping for actual Ivory Host Ossiarch, Bloodgullet Ogers & Astral templars warbands

  4. for a moment I though the joke was that Tom Talyor was credited in the cover

  5. no not really the closest thing was the mud pack where all the Clayface (there a stupid amount of people who took on that persona) over the year all team up under Karlow nefarious plan

  6. I wish I could shoot the ship jaytim in the face multiple times I'm so sick of seeing it please let it die

  7. What? What fuck up racist nuclear explosion turn a man into black face?

  8. So why does the Wrath of God need an impressive crotch-bulge?

  9. Listening to the 2+tough gnarlwood story about seraphon with no leaders that go crazy would love to see that on table top like a new savage warrior type

  10. If it's main continuity would probably want to write the Superman version of Spider-man Guathlet (it is a story arc focused on Spidey fighting his classic rouge each setting up a new status quo).

  11. Mongul: after the usurpation from Warworld Mongul III traverse the galaxy gathering his new order ( I really like the black order to mongul thanos) as from the ashes of his father yellow lantern corp does the rest of the latern corp must face gathering warband for each champion mongul takes. It is the blue lantern that send out their champion of hope to face this threat: Superman

  12. Im sorry i laugh at the panel where diana just staring a her face plant dead in the water showing off themyscira ass right there

  13. You are missing motghur god of mutation

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  15. What keep Superman grounded before Lois? Real chicken and the egg situation right there

  16. a justice league book about the justice league not a prequel comic to the next fucking crisis

  17. I love that Grodd's whole deal here is he's BORED and is hoping this kid'll be a interesting arch-enemy. *lol*

  18. when he doesn't have a certain red annoyance mocking him victory doesn't have that much flavor to it

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