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  1. Surprising take on the Superman trope and I liked the animation style. Looks like a Saturday morning kids show except for the horrific amount of gore. I had no idea what to expect so that first episode really took me off guard when Omni Man slaughtered the Justice League.

  2. I really enjoy Candice Owens and everything she has to say, she's a very intelligent person who is worth listening to.

  3. I don't agree with EVERYTHING she says but she's right about alot of things particularly about democrats keeping blacks on 'their' plantation. Uncle Tom was a great film and eye opening for those that dared to watch it.

  4. I think he's just equating an R rated movie to the conversation. An R rated movie will get that rating based on things like gore, sex, or foul language. Somehow blood is okay by hasbro standards as opposed to a little under boob🤷

  5. Man that is a gorgeous Goblin Queen. Even without the under boobs everything else is perfect. Too bad it costs $350.

  6. I did a custom a few years ago but got offered a fair amount for it so I sold it off. This makes me want to do another.

  7. No one is 'to blame'. Viewers aren't obligated to watch anything they don't find appealing. Whether it's homophobia or just disinterest or something else, it doesn't matter. Hollywood and the media have become so entitled that they expect audiences to turn out(buy tickets) to support something as opposed to enjoy it. That's not how it works and I don't understand when they think that changed.

  8. Can they all share each other’s work benefits, like healthcare? Or does it not matter because these people don’t work?

  9. This is a really good question and one I'm sure these liberal twats didn't even consider.

  10. They need to choose. Either trump is a demagogue with a cult like following or he's a fraud and has to pay people to show up. It can't be both.

  11. Seriously how is this a viable business model? Networks used to just cancel shitty shows with low ratings. Now they renew them and prop them up out of spite for the audience lol

  12. Its like they are afraid of ghosts at this point.

  13. Not that unknown. A lot of us criticised it for being boring 😁

  14. Dude is a terrible driver. stares at his phone and uses airpods while driving. both illegal

  15. Probably just a BT ear piece. I'm guessing he's an Uber driver given the placement of the camera and his phone usage.

  16. I played it on pc when it came out. I thought it was mediocre but I managed to get some handgun and I upgraded it to the point that it nerfed the game.

  17. Democrat playbook. Introduce Bill that literally everyone supports. Tack some bullshit onto it, and scream Republican bad when they vote against.

  18. She took a while deciding how she wanted to refer to them. Almost like she has other names for them but landed on immigrant, which isn't even accurate.

  19. Rolling stone is melting down because they have no relevance anymore

  20. Rolling stone? The same magazine that tried to make a heart throb out of the Boston bomber?

  21. Don't understand why Kojima keeps doing this. He also made MGS4 for the ps4 than went on to make the Peace Walker, which was 5 at the time, for the PSP exclusively. Needless to say, it was a good game but was far more limited due to the limitations of the hardware, and a lot of the fans didnt get to play it until the remaster was released on the ps3.

  22. Peace Walker wasn't 5 though. It's not essential to the core story and is perfectly suited to the "drop in drop out" nature of a mobile console. I played the remaster and never got very far because playing on home console got repetitive real fast. The immersion of an MGS just isn't there.

  23. Yeah, Kojima would rather make something new and weird that could fail for some bizarre hardware over making some boring guaranteed hit that he's made before.

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