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  1. I don't think that was the objective, they were trying to get George but Red Bull were caught napping, should have had him push way earlier

  2. They absolutely did tell him about the warnings just FYI, each time he acted confused about what it was for

  3. OK if they did fair enough I'm only watching main feed and they didn't air any radio message other than the black and white flag one and he said he didn't know where it was or what it was for, dunno why he would be surprised if they told him before what turn he was getting warnings on

  4. Portoloos can obviously be quite disgusting, by doing this they limited the use to only people from their group and therefore limiting how disgusting it could get

  5. Now you made me want to look at it. Who'd you buy from?

  6. I'm in Ireland, so is an Irish scooter store, locoscooters, their sale ended last night so that was part of the rush impulse buy! It's gone up now but not to full price, go figure, still got it 300 euro cheaper

  7. Hah I seen this on instagram ads too, I'd love to get it as a shit summer shirt but I really wish it was HB, or I'd even accept Walls, there's some ice creams on there I've never heard of and the prices aren't right

  8. I thought their vinegar wasn't even real vinegar it was some acid with dye or some shit

  9. Any expert care to explain this one? Im struggling to understand how a slim channel is beneficial?

  10. My guess is, and I know absolutely nothing, but maybe they had to stick with their original design because their rear end was designed with an expectation of some airflow in that area. So they can't go full red bull or they'd have to redesign their whole rear end, so this is some kind of hybrid maybe?

  11. It's the attitude that impresses me, in the space race the US spent millions developing a ball point pen that would work in zero gravity. Russians just used pencils 😂

  12. The US considered pencils too, but graphite particles floating around and getting inside their electronics was not a good idea since its conductive, so they pushed for the space pen

  13. Joining the chain to say I've also bought it, will continue using the ad based one too :)

  14. Well this fucking blows, fuck Reddit! I have no idea why they are so keen to piss off such a huge chunk of their userbase who clearly don't like the reddit official app.. they're so greedy it pisses me off.

  15. any video from another perspective? Did the other guys he jumped with have a camera too, must be, disconcerting seeing your friend or brothers parachute fail and them freefalling

  16. Silly question, but do factories and facility development count towards the budget cap?

  17. Damn, if they built an entire factory and a car this good in one season and stayed under the cap, imagine what they do next season when they just have to pay for the car

  18. The factory has been built over the last few years though, I wonder if they paid an advance to the builders before the budget cap came in, I dunno but I'm sure they did some creative accounting

  19. This might not come to be, but I wonder if RB won't also entertain a go at Le Mans by then. The RB17 will be a few years old by then so they'll have their first go at something that's not an open-wheeler sorted, and with RBPT up and running they will have the tools to build a LMH (which opens the doors to not only the WEC but also IMSA) if they really want to.

  20. I don't follow WEC/LeMans, has Red Bull ever been involved in it? They have their hands in so much I'm surprised they wouldn't, especially now they're going to be an engine manufacturer.

  21. Lawrence really loves his son and believes in him and honestly, who can blame him. If I had a son, I’d want him to conquer the world.

  22. I could see him negotiating a move to another team, so his son always has a seat in formula 1, but not necessarily at the top.

  23. How do we know if they can be killed when we don't if it's dead yet?

  24. Yeh if it isn't dead for all we know it might have been converted back to some human form and be alive and they'll interrogate it. Unlikely since that would result in progress to the story and potentially give us answers.

  25. I would find it unlikely it's a human form, if it's anything, though. Because it turned into the monster form when the worms went in.

  26. It did yeh, but at the end when the body was laying there it was back to human form, so either dead or unconscious in that form. I dunno why I'm expecting so much from here when the show typically does nothing to explain anything instead of just dragging things on

  27. It feels like they made the machine do most of the work, and then just stopped developing it when it came to the task of dropping the potato from the hopper into the groove it cut.... seems odd as that should be simple to do!

  28. Couldn't they fill it up from the harbour, or is this just trying to make a point to try and appear green

  29. Look at GD who has moved from a small shop in Stephens Green into a much bigger unit because they have gone into the vinyl and merchandise business more

  30. Yeh and with GameStop next door closing they're in a good position to start selling games, or at least more game-related merchandise. So surprised to see golden discs still be a thing.

  31. There was some great sites that did that for you

  32. Is he the reason Westworld is gone off of HBO Max? I never got to finish the last season before it was removed...

  33. Wtf? But it's a hbo show, they removed it from their own platform? Or is there another hbo player that's not max

  34. There's no other HBO player to watch it. It was only out for like 4 months before it got yanked! It makes no sense. I think you can like pay to watch it on YouTube or something but it's insane to me that I can't watch an HBO show on an HBO platform that I already pay for. Like what's the freaking point?

  35. Bizarre, never heard of a platform pulling their own owner content, usually pulled content is down to licensing or some controversy. I got lost in season 2 of westworld and never went back, but season 1 was one of the greatest shows of TV on at the time, bizarre they'd pull it especially considering the budget they had.

  36. Things are looking good for AMR when Honda leaves again then! Stroll champion 🏆

  37. Ah okk, now this is info I’ve been missing. That would make the decision to come back in a lot more reasonable in my mind.

  38. I don't blame you, the whole level of Hondas involvement in RBPT has been very confusing. But yeh key takeaway is its next engine gen rules, and next gen power unit uses a different fuel.

  39. Honestly it feels like post 2010s no one really goes for drop goals. England in 03 relied on them like 40% of the time which helped them win a lot of games. Its a guaranteed 3 points and can give your team a breather. The reset would have gone back to Lenister then they could have held it. Bizzare.

  40. It says in the article that Honda are not privy to keeping Alonso, given his disparaging criticisms in McHonda days.

  41. Until then Fernando is to train Lance on how to win

  42. I know off-topic, but it will never cease to amaze me how nice O'Connell Street used to look... so many tram lines with multiple turning points like tram lines should look like. It took us so many years and so much money to extend the green line through town and we still only have the two lines. I bet back then they had all these multiple tram lines laid down in barely any time

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