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  1. In Polish we have 'dziergać' which can refer both to knitting and crochet, and less commonly to embroidery. For crochet you can also use 'szydełkować' and for embroidery 'haftować' or 'wyszywać'. For knitting we have a more descriptive 'robić na drutach' (make on knitting needles).

  2. I have bent wire hangers to the approximate shape and size. It was very fiddly and annoying, and one of the hangers was a bit too thick for this, but totally doable with some patience and pliers. I have blocked two pairs of socks on them and they work great.

  3. Holy Moses, you learned to knit...less than a year ago?!?!? You're really freaking good!! I've only made one single-color stockinette baby sweater and ice been knitting for 18 years 🥴

  4. Thank you! I have previous experience with sewing and basic crocheting, so that definitely helped a lot.

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