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  1. It’s promissory estoppel. Depends on the details if there’s anything there. Even in legal states if there’s federal funding that can be conditioned on a drug free workplace.

  2. This really isn’t a case of promissory estoppel. OP, you don’t have a TI case here. Move on with your lives and recognize that many employers in that space will drug test.

  3. $20,000 a month? Where the heck is this house?

  4. Revs more quickly, is much more spirited in D. My partner has a tuned S3- while hers was much quicker before, she thinks my R is now the quicker one. Wish I had dump charts, but I recall DAP did dunk theirs and saw a pretty consistent bump through the power band.

  5. Where are you located, OP? And were you moving between cities or inside one city?

  6. Your local small claims limit is $10k. If they're unwilling to budge on the $5k offer, I'd look into that. Do start looking for similar pieces of stone so you can come up with some "used" comps to show you're not just trying to get them to pay the new price for it. Honestly the 20% depreciation for a piece of stone really doesn't make sense like it would in the context of a traditional piece of furniture. Good luck.

  7. Under the Keyboard system preference pane, turn on "Keyboard Navigation". IIRC it's off by default.

  8. Looks like it's Keyboard > Shortcuts > All Controls in Mojave according to

  9. Have you tried calling Mendoza's on Aurora or la Esperanza in the CD? Honestly I haven't seen huitlacoche anywhere in town (and haven't looked for escamoles :) ).

  10. Check out this thread. Really good info for you with exactly what you need.

  11. And here we have Kash Patel arguing that Trump is, per se, immune from these proceedings:

  12. Do you have a backup of your flash drive and your cache drive? I’d suggest restoring your backup and putting the cache drive back in the machine. Once it is back up, shut down all services, move everything to the array, invoke mover, shut down, replace the cache, and try again.

  13. Those texts are certainly evidence of some "pro-bono" work happening.

  14. Mainly just wanna go stage 1/2, and the supporting mods to go with it, and a exhaust system

  15. If you're worried about warranty coverage, go with the APR+, which is stage 1 and they cover the balance of the warranty if you have issues that would otherwise be covered by warranty. Stage 2 requires replacing the downpipe and is not a place you want to go if you're worried about warranty.

  16. I've heard that that warranty is only good *if you can prove the damage was caused by the tune* and that it doesn't actually replace your manufacturer's warranty in the way people think it does.

  17. My local tuner has not had anyone suffer a failure with that tune. YMMV

  18. Yes! (Both) Happy to chat about surviving life in a large professional services firm if you ever want to.

  19. Thank you for the offer! I will take you up on it after I survived this discussion which is driving me crazy. I guess to sell is the smart decision then - I just want to avoid selling if I don't have to. What would you do in this situation?

  20. Best bet is to make plans to sell it in the next week or so (you will probably get a little bit of grace on timing, but not too much). Going forward get comfortable searching in your firm's independence system, learn the audit clients based out of your office so you can avoid them, and, if you have any questions- reach out to the independence team, they live for this. I avoided proposing to my partner until I had left for greener pastures so they wouldn't have to divest of their favorite stock.

  21. I'm not familiar with Thread, but Matter is almost certainly layer 6/7.

  22. Are these public sites and are they publicly associated with your current employer? If so it’s not likely to run afoul of this.

  23. We show up Saturday morning at training to remind the team we are with them through thick and thin.

  24. So, I ordered the Medium strap variant when I ordered my Ultra, and these actually match the length exactly.

  25. No, the bonus EQM deals do not stack (per their twitter yesterday).

  26. First Intel needs to release drivers or someone in the community needs to do it for them. Next it needs to be added to FFMPEG. Next Plex needs to incorporate it into their custom FFMPEG build. Maybe someone in the unRAID community the needs of to write a plug-in to expose it (not sure on this). Safe to say it’ll be a bit.

  27. I still buy CDs because I want to support the artists making the music. Where they have some patronage model, I use that, too.

  28. ECS is fundraising for NW Abortion Access Fund and giving donors a ticket for tomorrow's match.

  29. Blackened halibut with Parmesan roasted potatoes and asparagus with sauce hollandaise. Made at home so we don’t have to deal with UW football traffic.

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