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  1. I would say that they would but I would also state that acting like this with language like this doesn’t deserve anything. I can understand the frustration, therefore contact support but to act like this is not the move lol

  2. Did you really say anything? I’d say you talked circles but you don’t even afford that.

  3. Did you not get an Epic gear as the final reward? Or did you not get an Epic gear from your tenth gold crate? Or are you saying that you were underwhelmed by what you did get, though it is as promised?

  4. All I have to do to be underwhelmed is look in my pants. There was an uncommon blaster for my 10th crate and uncommon dum-dum bullets for the reward. Fucking rip off. Shit like this is why I’m glad I don’t pay for this

  5. Did you just say you hate black people? That’s what I read so it must’ve true. Everyone hurry let’s hate

  6. I left for the same reason. I am an experienced welder. Certified in all types of welding. And the biggest shops weren't offering much more than bars. Yes you can make money if you don't mind working 65-70 [email protected] $15/h a week. And everyone blindly believing thats the best there is! My friend works in a mine there and thinks he makes bank. You are sacrificing seeing the daylight for a job that literally pays 3x more where I live now. Warehouse positions makes $20 starting. Dispenserary workers start at $20 plus tips. I want to leave my job now and work there! Store managers make obscene money. Omaha 2 biggest businesses are Lawncare and restaurants. Thats it. Every doushe with a pair of Oakleys, a lawnmower, and a lift brodozer thinks they are a business man...

  7. Depends on the company you end up getting on with and what their expectations are. I’m not rigger certified, but it wouldn’t hurt to have that if not only to know what should be used and how it should be used. I only operate, also union. Good luck with the cco.

  8. Each side is fine with immigration, just one side is fine with trespassers and the other is not.

  9. Used to be used to get rid of worms in the old days. That’s where the song ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’ comes from. It was a pretty strong cleaner normally used around the house.

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