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  1. What's up with her obsession with poop. Wasn't Carmen dressed as 💩 as well on Halloween?! In her head: poop = funny, no punchline needed.

  2. So they took one kid to dinner, left the other SIX with the help as usual, and came back to a mess the cats made. Well, animals make messes sometimes. Kids do too, but the nannies handle that, don't they? She had to wear an inch of make-up, put on false eyelashes and filter the heck out of herself to tell this fascinating story of ...a mess? This is hardly worthy of sharing with strangers. But in her incredibly dull world - I guess it is.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one watching her clips on Reddit with the sound off.

  4. Looks nice. Maybe a wooden canopy over the queue. But love the trees and nature over all

  5. Thanks. I was thinking pretty much the same. But some kinda weird that they wouldn't delete it. Maybe it became a placeholder so that Nobody could create a real looking fake account.

  6. Great nature scenery. Looks like a cozy park for now

  7. I like the airtime at sek 0.40😁😁

  8. This is so well done. I love it. I visited Disney Paris a long time ago, but I remember the coaster going backwards at the end?

  9. I haven’t been on the French version (I think the video is modeled after that one), but I can tell you after being on the US one far too many times that it doesn’t go backwards. Both are the same track layout too - if you look up Xpress coaster, that’s Rock n’ Rollercoaster’s layout but outside. Everest at Animal Kingdom does go backwards for a bit though, maybe you’re thinking of that?

  10. I've been to animal kingdom too and remember the Everest layout well. I guess I memorized the Rock n roller coaster a little wrong 😁🤯

  11. Why do I feel like in a couple of weeks she will claim this dress was altered for her with the feather placement to conceal her being pregnant with ocho? And the good grandma she is, she didn't want to reveal a pregnancy when Ireland just had her baby.

  12. I believe so too. I will come back to this comment with a trophy 🏆 in a few weeks.

  13. I can already hear the Aerosmith soundtrack! This looks amazing!

  14. When you create something, you ARE creative 😉

  15. Ok well what I meant was the 3 things I built was my very first creative design I did

  16. The look at the end gives “That’s what I said and do NOT press me on this.” It’s like a veiled threat. “I am crazy and I will wreck you.”

  17. Link please. I wanna enjoy the comments on that

  18. My goodness, given that I posted this 11 months ago, and have already finished Dirt 5 and moved on, and yet they haven't addressed this bug yet?

  19. Maybe they think most people play with headphones or wouldn't notice it anyway. Single player sounds great.

  20. Funny thing is most people using headphones would be playing single player. Split screen multiplayer would need sounds for all to hear.

  21. The small I at the beginning of the name is such a dead giveaway that it's her

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