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  1. Teachers fearing prosecution for making information attainable for students. Isn't this a violation of the First Amendment?

  2. I've always been curious, what could be so damn important to these people that they can't let you enjoy a vacation with your family without them feeling the need to interrupt it with their petty needs?

  3. This isn't as newsworthy as it first seems. They are closing one facility while offering to employ all of the affected employees at one of 10 other facilities in the metro area.

  4. I doubt that you would be even able to taste them.

  5. That would be best...I'd freak if I saw peas and carrots in my mac and cheese.

  6. It's boy backwards, which I believe may be the etymology, though that may just be what I was taught as a child.

  7. Human life has value...including the woman who has the right to make reproductive decisions for herself. We call that

  8. Ok...we have the woman's life and an embryo's life...which one gets priority? The answer cannot be both. The woman is a fully developed human being who has human rights that includes the ability to make decisions regarding her own body. She gets priority. If you say the embryo gets priority or even suggest equal just subjugated the woman to a status less than a clump of cells. Women...and the men who care about women, will not stand for that.

  9. No worse there than Minneapolis. Probably better.

  10. I think FL is likely to be way different than Minneapolis regarding diversity.

  11. What would you like it to do that it doesn’t already?

  12. Tell me what store in my area has the product I'm looking for. Other retailers can do it...Costco should be able to do it too.

  13. Costco is a “no-frills” environment. The more money they dump in mediocre tech will lower the ability to acquire merch and will raise costs and your membership.

  14. Festival foods will do it too. I think they limit it to 3 at a time. I'm not sure if L&B has a limit.

  15. That doesn't look like My Time Dining to me. You might want to make a call.

  16. It's a good deal for some...not for others. Only you can decide if it's a good deal for you.

  17. There won't be any obstructions but those sections are the far left and far right...limiting the view of the corresponding sides of the stage. In other words...if you're sitting on the far left, you will have a somewhat limited view of the far left side of the stage. Usually the main stage activity happens towards the center of the stage so you probably wont miss much...if anything at all. Row Q seems high up...but that row isn't that bad. Biggest problem is the leg space can feel somewhat cramped.

  18. I'll take fair you know how cold it is right now?

  19. Good deal, but the difference is...when you win the lottery, they actually give you money.

  20. That building will need to have damn big elevators to accommodate those Costco carts.

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