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I really feel bad for this guy

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

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  1. Spinal cords have been described to me by neurosurgeons as the consistency of something like a banana and that's why it's so hard to put back together.. I broke my neck

  2. How the f*** did I break my spine .. 15 years later.. I still don't know. Falling out of a f****** tree can be savage if you land on the wrong angle

  3. I just went through this.. It's actually still not over. Just be there for her And let her vent

  4. Sometimes you just have to punch Fire to put it out... Trust me

  5. Call me crazy, but if my house was burning to the ground and my pet was trapped inside, recording the event with my phone would be well down on the list of things I would be thinking about. And I'd add that editing it and posting to TikTok as soon as possible would also not be a priority.

  6. I mean I would record it for insurance reasons at least. And in the next following days of what I would do with nothing I would probably think of everything possible that I could do to help one of which would be asking for help... But call me crazy

  7. This probably sucked and was terrifying but honestly thank God for those secondary Ropes.

  8. When you hit the bottom it just means you can get up and start climbing

  9. Right in front of all the girls.. hah.. This happened to me in boarding school I racked myself skateboarding.. It was And one other friend and the entire school of girls outside... Good times

  10. What are they shooting? Looks like a soccer ball or something

  11. Fortunately yes. Traditionally it's the lid of the milk can (which they shoot from). A ball at 300 km/h was a bad idea, but a metal lid would be lethal.

  12. But how could you read the sign if you couldn't see the coconut..

  13. He played his fucking heart out... I think someone's cutting onions around me

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