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  1. Americans are already armed with 1.2 guns per person. Fortunately, humans have only two arms, so we can only take 0.8 more per person before reaching the arms limit.

  2. Americans are an insane culture. It appears that since there won't be political action to control the epidemic, y'all may as well just give up. Then you can go from 1.2 guns per person to say three or maybe even five or six and that would certainly lead to some kind of change.

  3. Trust me, humans are not designed for this type of jumping. The only reason it is possible is because the evolutionary game is to live long enough to reproduce. That is, the body can borrow from the future to survive today. We are looking at 40 year old cripples. -edit "this type of jumping" was meant to refer to the huge uncontrolled falls some of these clips depict. Not the parkour moves also shown.

  4. No doubt, but is this him on those huge jumps? Surely anyone can fall a distance but I'm perfectly ignorant of the proper form and technique. I'm only pointing out those huge jumps from point a to b, not other technical moves. Looks like maybe a few different people in the video?

  5. I'd check the electrolytic caps and if one is bad, replace it. Otherwise look up the board part number and just replace entirely.

  6. You will need a multi tester. And then need to be able to replace through hole solder components. Since you are asking, replacing the board is likely to be less costly. Second to that would be purchasing a new sewing machine.

  7. +5 vomit attack aoe adjacent enemies and allies alike.

  8. +5 vomit attack aoe adjacent enemies and allies alike.

  9. Here to see the critical thinking surrounding this not-fake content. Is the bus amphibious? Does it drive straight through in a single ride? Maybe one borehole of the chunnel existed in the 50's? Perhaps it was a magic bus?

  10. Nice. It's the longest route, not ride. Involved is lodging and other transport modalities like a ferry.

  11. The swan is sick, gonna guess hit by a car. And now the lady has a broken hip.

  12. I see a fine line between play and eating.

  13. It should go without saying that monkey pox is not gay. It is a disease. Diseases don't have sexual preference. Is language and communication truly this difficult?

  14. Indeed. Isn't that a rule for this sub anyway? My comment is in response to the headline writer, not your post. I am able to see how that was confusing.

  15. I'm so fucking sick of people using their belief in magic to influence public policy.

  16. This. And one need not be atheist to give up on religion. One must be both a believer and incredibly dumb to take their bait.

  17. So which is it? Do the Democratic leaders eat flesh and blood or not?

  18. Stupid video filter. I guess their technical feat was to chop the TikTok bump off the end.

  19. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  20. Yeah. Maybe the pyramids were actually just elaborate ways to hide murder victims

  21. Where does one procure beavers? Hudson Bay Company? Good idea. Beware, they are capable of flooding huge areas.

  22. It's there any way to control how far they spread?

  23. In my limited experience they are able to travel a good distance. I imagine the most difficult part is getting the beavers to do the job where you want. I'd def consult with an expert. Regardless, they are great for the environment.

  24. This doesn't seem right, is there a source?

  25. I agree. Doesn't make sense. One imagines plastic feeder pellets would be the bulk. Or packaging waste.

  26. Look up keyhole hangers. The key is a hook for hanging the item to which the keyhole is attached. So maybe the stones were some type of decorative fascia and are now being used as pavers. Flip it over to hide the keyhole hanger, or flip others over to see if they have the same.

  27. That or something was mounted to the stones but they're mounted this way because whatever they're meant to hold is temporary. When it's removed, the mounts are flush instead of having pegs sticking out.

  28. Great point! Tie downs for something like a tent, or other temp structure. Honestly, Michael Jackson might not be too far as they incorporated that concept into the epic dance routine for "smooth criminal".

  29. Paper’s pretty forgiving when you make a mistake.

  30. That's one benefit area of the robotic assist - a lot of motion can be constrained. I do wonder if the machine reduces the total mistakes. Any experts?

  31. I know it can dumb down your Inputs so you can have large hand movements but the tool doesn't react 1:1 so you can be a lot more precise.

  32. Interesting - so increased precision. Bet it has all sorts of modes depending on the task.

  33. I don't want that bill on thermal transfer tape. Thinking a fine vellum.

  34. Sfx artist studying for the dildo fight scene in "everything everywhere all at once"

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