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  1. I love the information on terpene profiles! Is there anyway to tell profiles on current strains?

  2. We don't have terp profile testing on all our strains, but it is something we are working on doing more of now that it is more accessible.

  3. Double Grape our Sour Crack. DG is consistently a good producer. Sour Crack had the best flavor out of everything Ive pressed. Taste like Sprite


  5. Honestly never seen anything like it. Will pass it on to some friends and see if they have any explanation

  6. Fugue State restock at North Atlantic Seed Bank, and Multiverse Beans!

  7. I know you've already stated that cannacheese will come later than expected but before the end of the year, is there any chance of giving a specific day/month yet?

  8. I appreciate any and all Toof crosses! Toof Decay is consistently the only strain that brings me down from the edge of anxiety attacks. It's a miracle plant for me, and I'm down to only 2 seeds left!

  9. Should have it back in stock soon. Also have some new medical strain coming out that might work for you.

  10. Testers just went out. Working on a strain description now. Walter White x Jackie CBD. Shooting for maybe January release?

  11. Since the store is now open Mon-Friday we will be posting the weekly list and having newsletter go out Monday.

  12. Is sour stomper coming to the uk soon?

  13. Thank you Stan sir, sorry I'm in hospital and internet is lacking, So I feel as though I'm in a cocoon of ignorance. Appreciate you.

  14. Ahh shit was joking. Fills a 15 gallon tote. Everytime I need to look for an old archive strain it becomes a half day chore lol

  15. No one has even made it to harvest yet. How you gonna shit on a new strain no one has even tried yet.

  16. Autoflowers should be used as a tool for commercial growers, not the primary means of production. Could be used outdoors for early our late season harvest before main crop. Could be used when light dep greenhouses are not available. Could be used indoors to buffer a crop if your main one failed. A lot of good reasons to run autos in a commercial setting.

  17. You the man Stan! Once the dispensaries open in my state in a couple months I’ll make sure everyone knows the Mephisto name! I’m kinda surprised I thought you were gonna say Fugue State, Mango Smile, the Sativa dominant strains

  18. Pretty crazy that an auto is getting 4th in a competition with photos. Never thought I'd see the day. Mango smile was the first strain to convince to run some autos outdoor. Always talked shit on autos


  20. I used to put 210 at the end of my gamer tag. Thought I was so cool because its half of 420 🤣

  21. I think I'm sounding like a broken record the past few days...this is what an auto looks like when the Ruderalis traits become prominent. It's genetics. 3 leaf fans...1 leaf fans...odd airy bud structure.

  22. Going to disagree. This is a combination of nitrogen toxicity and a root issue. Person is growin in DWC so likely some root rot or other pathogen.

  23. You may be right. But, can agree that this is what a typical Ruderalis heavy auto looks like?

  24. Mate we are so far from Ruderalis its not even comparable. This is a root issue and toxicity. Nutrient transport is all messed up and the plant struggles to create basic leaf and flowering growth.

  25. Ruderalis has pretty much no THC so when crossing with a ruderalis to make an auto you sacrifice a ton of THC (along with other compounds an indica for example would have). I have also never grown an auto that compares to the quality of a photo (Taste, smell and density/bag appeal). I also grow specific phenotypes and keep a mother for clones. You can’t clone an auto and it’s a gamble with genetics. Not to mention auto genetics are still very unstable.

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