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I present to you, the tallest building in South Dakota

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Looks like he's tied in adequately. This is allowed... but not encouraged.

  2. Depends where you are. Would have been hauled over the coals if the client had seen it. Just glad they're not one of our teams.

  3. Sorry for the potato quality photo, but I only managed to snap this on full zoon from the shopping centre carpark as I got back in the car.

  4. If its the boat I think it is it really was very poorly suited to being a liveaboard. It's novelty value was all it had going for it. It's possible someone's done it up nicely now but its not a space that lends itself to living .

  5. I'm wondering if it's not from a US Kmart. It says lay-by instead of layaway.

  6. The word "Australia" is emblazoned across her crotch. I see old Aussie ads, I know in a heartbeat they're old Aussie ads.

  7. I'm such an idiot, I thought it was a brand name or something. Because that's what we would do here - randomly name a clothing line "Australia," especially after putting random French or Japanese on everything in the 80's. One of my favorite shirts as a kid said "Le Petit Dejeuner!"' in puffy paint across the front for no reason. Breakfast!

  8. Off topic here, but did anyone else notice the complete lack of graffiti? I know it's underneath a hotel, but I'm still surprised there's literally no artwork.

  9. Im not a skateboarder but are those pretty hard, or are we really only watching this because shes a hot chick?

  10. If you're watching for anything but the quality of the camera work you're in the wrong sub.

  11. Did this building feature in an episode of Fargo? I'm in Australia and have never been there. But I feel like it's familiar, and can only put it down to possibly having been in the series.

  12. Yeah exactly my point, he was fucking rapt but the broadcast made it look devastated

  13. Completely off topic. But thanks for using "rapt" in correct context.

  14. They were delicious! This was actually the first time I've ever made them, so thanks!!

  15. PLEEEEEESE the recipe. I haven't had these since I left Buffalo 20 years ago.

  16. When you watch something you never knew you needed in your life. Deadset fucking gold.

  17. I literally just laughed way too hard at this. Stripped my throat and now wheezing like a dog's chew toy.

  18. This dude was able to crank it anytime he wanted without raising suspicion.

  19. This is the first I heard of them having a toxic fandom. Though I'm not surprised by anything anymore.

  20. I get what old mate is saying. It just gets to be a bit much over time.

  21. It's nice to see colleagues relaxing together between takes. Really dispells the myth about movie stars being self-centred divas.

  22. Welcome to the club, mate. You'll be surprised how many members we have.

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