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  1. Lived in Sweden during pandemic. We had no masks, no social distancing, and no lockdowns. 100% of us were unvaccinated in 2020 and proudly so. And our hospital system NEVER GOT OVERWHELMED. I literally saw this for myself. Our excess deaths ended up being the same as the 5-year average.

  2. It did show up in 2020. Excess death rates were much higher, as were heart related deaths. This was already being widely discussed in 2020. How did you miss it?

  3. Hospitals never got overrun in sweden. And the excess death rates were unchanged from the 5-year average. And this is from official sources. So no.

  4. Ugh, SessionGirls has gone really downhill lately. It really does look sleezey now.

  5. As a christian myself, I feel societies skepticism of christianity can boil down to a few things.

  6. Not a christian, but well spoken. And I agree.

  7. Told you we wouldn't see hyperinflation in 6 months. We still haven't even seen a significant debt problem yet. Maybe the Fed even managed to kick the can down the road another few years.

  8. Fair enough. I was wrong. I still believe hyperinflation is inevitable though.

  9. Were people more mindful of their behavior and interactions than they were beforehand, or was the population entirely business as usual throughout?

  10. Sweden as "business as usual" in any common sense way, yes. Some (kinda sorta) social distanced, but not really.

  11. How does their obesity rate compare to other countries? Are they just more healthy overall or is there possibly some genetic component going on that we don’t know about yet?

  12. Sweden is one of the unhealthiest countries in europe. It's cold there so people stay indoors and don't excercise. I lived there, so I know.

  13. That’s a massive change from when he was in support of the shots, I wonder what he uncovered in company’s files?

  14. Elon Musk was always from the position that people are being irrational about covid-19.

  15. Probably bots trying to muster up faux rage to promote cancel-culture

  16. Elon Musk has vocally stated that people are being irrational about covid-19

  17. I took my 23 year old daughter to the ER 3 days ago with a heart rate of 224. Although vaccinated, she caught the latest variant this summer. This virus should have everyone concerned but all I see are cavalier attitudes.

  18. Do you have the facebook of this alleged person? So we can check to see if there's anything you left out?

  19. I go to several crossfit gyms there and I know a bunch of people in each gym - aroudn 500 total each. I also counted people on my facebook that i personally know. They add up to 1,400. Yes, I checked to see if everyone died.

  20. Those numbers are wrong. I use my numbers, and my numbers show that there were no excess deaths in 2020 from the 5-year average.

  21. My point is that overwhelmed hospitals happen all the time. I have 1400 people that I know from sweden in my facebook feed, and exactly 0 of them were hospitalized. I even went to the doctors in sweden and they said "covid was less than normal flu season, and I work in 3 different hospitals".

  22. Once again, Sweden has a much healthier population, and better access to Healthcare. Covid was always going to be more mild for them. Your source even said that season was different than any other, so it isn't always the same thing. Not to mention it wasn't flu season when the first wave hit

  23. No, the sweden uses socialism to handle the healthcare, so there are backlogs galore. I know, I've been there. There is a huge waitline for healthcare, so it is not better access.

  24. Are you suggesting we shouldn’t have quarantined?

  25. I lived in sweden during the pandemic. None of us quarantined, wore masks, or social distanced. Our hospitals never got overwhelmed. Whenever I put this on social media, it got removed for "misinformation" even though it was demonstably true.

  26. Good for you. That’s frustrating. So I’m hoping you chose a different gym.

  27. I wanted to, but there are too many social ties to this one. My crossfit instructor even recited rap songs about rape with glee. Then literally minutes later she goes on this violent tirade against Greg Glassman who supposedly said something (slightly) racist.

  28. That’s awful. I wouldn’t pay anyone like that. Oh well.

  29. Neither do I unless under extreme circumstance. They glorify thugs over there.

  30. Al Sweigart is one of my favorite people! If you ever feel like doing less stuff I highly suggest his book "How to automate the boring stuff with python". All his books are free on his website

  31. Have you seen that guy's tweets? That guy's a nutjob.

  32. Trick Dog in the Mission checked last week and I think I saw them turn some people away because of it.

  33. Sounds like they're going to go out of business soon. . .

  34. To be fair, Sweden’s death rate is significantly higher per capita than the rest of the Nordic countries.

  35. Yeah, but it's way lower than the United States. Also, of the 1400 people I know in Sweden, exactly 0 died or were hospitalized.

  36. I’m happy to hear no one you know died, that’s anecdotal, but good to hear. Count yourself lucky, I’ve lost extended family, have friends with long covid, and have friends that have lost family as well. It sucks.

  37. Sweden is pretty low in terms of deaths, especially compared with the United States, so no it is not anecdotal. And I saw that no one did masks, social distances, or quarantined myself. With my own eyes.

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