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  1. What has been your experience with Monos' customer service? I've seen some angry reviews but, I feel like people only really have something to say about a company when they do something really egregious.

  2. Do NOT go with monos. Awful customer service. I had to initiate a case with PayPal that was resolved in my favor because they charged me $325 for a suitcase I never received. And they are slow to ship and slow to respond. If there is a delivery issue, they make you wait while they investigate with UPS instead of just sending a replacement and having UPS send the missing items back to them.

  3. So I recently ordered and had an insanely good customer service experience with them, so I'm pretty sure they've overhauled their customer service in the past few months. They got back to me instantly and committed to shipping out my suitcase asap (which they did) because of my upcoming trip and the shipping time. They were super responsive, friendly, and helpful. Would recommend 10/10.

  4. sell those for 75k to some min maxer. Maybe more

  5. I'm on Pluto and greekis taught me this build. It slaps and is very very fun to play. Great mobility, good cc. Good damage.

  6. Any way you can tell us which sets these are?

  7. If your following a build guide which conflicts with my comments, probably better to trust it instead. I'm on mobile so not going to do any PoB or in game testing.

  8. Dude this is amazing. Thank you so much! I'll look into all of this and figure out how to even annoint amulets and roll flasks!! really appreciate it.

  9. But then everyone plays solo even if it's trade league.

  10. Feel free to add me if you want peeps to play with. ElStavo is my account name! im on EST

  11. Ok sounds good. Thanks alot - really appreciate it.

  12. I forgot it you had Blasphemy + Despair (or Despair curse at all). I like Blasphemy setup opposite to having it on curse on hit from ring or another setup because it mega boosts Plaguebearer as well. Aoe can be little pitiful without scaling but carcass jack etc makes it sufficiently large.

  13. Yeah I have a despair in hit ring! I don't think I have the mana for despair and blasphemy. I did beat atziri though!

  14. After a gout flare, how long should you be pain free before consuming alcohol again?

  15. It's an awesome course. It's shorter (5500 yards) but honestly it doesn't feel like it because every hole has a really unique challenge.

  16. Super slow today, but... That's usually a good thing for me lol

  17. I dont know that much cuz im 15, are u running in ur native monitor's resolution.

  18. As a follow-up here - changing to native resolutions work. Thank you so much!!

  19. The native resolution is 3840x2160 and I actually changed it to 1440 because borderlands 3 runs on your preset resolution which only gave me about 35 fps vs 70 on 1440.

  20. Would love to see an analysis of c9 TenZ since he's the top ranked NA player and they did very well at First Strike!

  21. I hope there is another human that manually trawls through every comment on reddit, so they can keep track of these comments on a bit of paper.

  22. I just checked, you appear to earn ritual points (and 1.5 if you are currently Ritual Elite) on your ferry ticket.

  23. Your credits can be applied to anything after you convert, including tickets!

  24. I'd rather not use the app since I don't like entering my credit card information into dozens and dozens of apps run by various private companies, with all of the database hacks occurring recently. I'm happy to use the existing ferry ticketing system that's actually run by the City of Toronto, which actually operates the ferries.

  25. Ritual actually doesn't store any credit card information, but rather, its hosted and processed by their payment processor, Stripe. So I wouldn't worry too much about security with them.

  26. lol @ our logo... its almost exactly the same as the 76ers logo and brooklyns logo... gawD!

  27. 5:37 the dude in the red is enjoying himself a little too much.

  28. looked like he was going in for the makeout...

  29. most people have covered the rivals and players so I'll go off the sites I frequent, maybe it would be helpful to others as well.

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