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  1. Nicely done. I wish they'd add a toggle for the visibility overlay while placing fences.

  2. I really hope they allow us to pick up and carry pets at some point.

  3. On the Grounded Discord, the devs acknowledged that the crow not appearing is a known bug that should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

  4. Your castle looks so cool up there! Great general spot choice, too.

  5. Thanks! Yeah, I love that about this spot; just about everything you could ever need.

  6. Awesome! I love your sap collectors… never seen any at that spot before 👍

  7. Its right I think in the dpad on Xbox then toggle camera not sure on PC sorry.

  8. Yep, I've got palisades at every opening of the oak tree and the wolf spiders just phase through them.

  9. Is there a way to get a gold card for all bugs? Or is it just once you get it, thats it, whatever you have is locked in?

  10. There's a small chance of getting one when you first peep a bug, then another chance for each time you kill a bug.

  11. I like this. Way better feedback for the Devs than the rage and vitriol being tossed about. Good idea not sure it's perfect I don't want to lose a mutation spot to keep raids off but it might have potential. Like a passive mutation maybe so it doesn't cost a slot. You could toggle it off if you want the raids to continue. Cool thoughts.

  12. Thanks! Yeah, I agree that losing a mutation spot would stink. A separate toggleable passive mutation would be awesome!

  13. I'd be careful that your entire base isn't supported completely by those stairs. You definitely don't want a bug to take those out and bring down your entire base with it.

  14. i hope the bees territory is the oak tree gives people another reason not to build there and people need to start building other places since everyone is building at oak tree new players think its a safe place to build

  15. I wish the devs would just let us build where we want without putting so many restrictions/hindrances in place.

  16. I'm pretty sure friendly fire gets turned off when you switch the difficulty to mild.

  17. It does not, I am currently playing on mild and my husband murdered me with an arrow tonight after I saved his ass from four infected larvae.

  18. Interesting. That sounds like a bug (or maybe they changed things without updating the game text)--I just checked the Mild game mode description text in the game and it specifically states, "friendly fire is off."

  19. I'm out of the loop. Havnt played in a while. What's going on with bee's?

  20. With the Bugs Strike Back Update, the Bees are now a faction that can raid your base. The faction resentment builds even when you're simply in their territory.

  21. Very cool! Once you get raided, I'd be interested in hearing if bugs are clipping through the sides of the pot. Seems like a pretty defensible position against bee and mosquito raids.

  22. Right now there isn't a way to turn off raids for existing games. You'd have to start a new Custom Game and turn them off there.

  23. This happens to me all the time. Always reminds me of this:

  24. I'm new to the game (one week) and I played before and after the update. So just wanna share what I think of all that.

  25. I totally agree on the raids. If we aren't killing them, I don't understand why passive bugs are bothered by our presence. I loved being able to look for cool/unique places to build a base, but now it feels like we're limited to just places outside of other bugs' territories (which seem larger than they should be).

  26. Keep in mind that if you have ledges, bugs may be able to jump up to them. It wasn't a raid, but I had a wolf spider jump up to my log fence post base balcony.

  27. Glad I'm not the only one with a keen ability to hit slim blades of grass with my arrows. :)

  28. You have your answer already but I just wanted to say that I found it confusing too. I may not have been listening closely enough but from what the devs said during the PAX stream I thought we would have to keep scanning them until we get the gold card. I'm glad that we don't btw! I was just confused because I thought we did.

  29. Thanks for commenting. That's exactly what I thought I heard on the PAX Livestream as well, so that was my source of confusion as well.

  30. Yeah, after killing some mites I got a pop up on the top right that I obtained a gold card. Idk if you need to loot the body tho

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