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[Charania] BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets are trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a first-round and multiple second-round picks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

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  1. I'm ready for Rutgers to go back to Buttgers.

  2. pikiell basically has the job for life unless some unfavorable shit comes out about him at this point. which, to be fair, our basketball program hasn't exactly had a great track record in this department in the last 15 years, so anything is possible. but, failing that, he's here until he decides not to be anymore.

  3. Notre Dame is weirdly more east coast kids than Indiana kids

  4. every catholic high school in the northeast routinely sends 10 of its better graduates to south bend every year. there are fewer catholic high schools then there was 20 years ago, but there's still enough for this to be true and have an impact. northeastern catholics have a very strong tie to notre dame. the football team truly helps that too.

  5. That Central loss is gunna be a tough bubble buster..

  6. if y'all keep playing well and get a couple of wins in the btt, i think y'all will be fine.

  7. i'm pretty sure we live rent free in his head. interesting to see the wealth spread around.

  8. Ron Dayne. He was a near guaranteed 2,000 yards a season in college. He might have 2,000 yards in his pro career

  9. thunder and lightning were supposed to be the next big thing for the giants.

  10. selvie was a beast. i remember him having some huge games against rutgers back in the day.

  11. That's a hell of a lot less than I thought the Nets would hold out for... good for them being realistic

  12. this was likely the best they were getting ahead of the deadline. if they held out, the deadline would pass and they'd just be holding kyrie on their roster not playing until he walked in the summer anyway.

  13. Aren't people over it? Most people I hear now just say Chibnall sucks but Whittaker was alright.

  14. jodie deserved better than she got from an overgrown fanboy trying to just put his teenage spec scripts on screen. she's a great actress who could have done so much more with the character with better writing.

  15. this is a work of scientific art. the trapezoid, my goodness it's great.

  16. Man I really want a double bye. Hope we get it. Big game vs Rutgers on Tuesday that could determine a lot.

  17. i fully expect that the hoosiers are going to show up hard for this game. bad taste in their mouth from coming to piscataway in the top ten and getting embarrassed in the trapezoid. plus rutgers had to spend a lot of energy against msu this weekend and we probably won't have mag for this game. everything is setup for the hoosiers to clean up, but so was last year. who knows.

  18. hell yes people are buying these. that'll probably sell in no time. someone from bklyn who stopped off for a few years in staten island will snap this up.

  19. Yep..the great Staten Island migration is here.

  20. this is just a new wave. the trek down the great brooklyn corridor known as route 9 has been going on for decades. it's why 85% of places like manalapan is made up of old time brooklyn guidos who wanted the better life in the burbs decades ago.

  21. my 2020 alti s just crossed the 40k mile mark and no issues to report. i have made sure to get all the service intervals done roughly on schedule. the jatcos these days are not as bad as previous ones, but the biggest mark is still people who buy these cars and then drive them into the ground without performing any maintenance on them. if you take care of the car, it will take care of you.

  22. Yeah that was rough. Didn't look like anything fishy happened either, just landed awkwardly on his knee. Hope it's minor and you guys get him back soon because I'd love to see Rutgers succeed.

  23. nothing fishy happened. just one of those non-contact things. think he accidentally stepped on the dude's foot going up for that shot and that did it. expecting to hear that he blew out a tendon tomorrow after they can get more tests done. it really sucks.

  24. man, this game was supposed to be a showing of two good programs on a national stage. it really had a sickos feeling to it for way too much this afternoon. still, credit to the knights for locking it down in the second half and getting the job done. this should count on our resume as a neutral win, so fuck the ncaa for calling this a rutgers home game. also, for the love of god, this team needs to clean up its free throw shooting. 22-34 is not great. it kept the score of this game way closer than it needed to be at the end.

  25. So then no one really won that year then? Not sure how that one works.

  26. the championship that year is just vacant. the runner up doesn't just get it when the winners vacate.

  27. Great second half by Purdue to make it an exciting game down the stretch, but those turnovers were too much. Awesome win by IU.

  28. good chance they stay there as their loss was to a ranked team. equal good chance that houston jumps them and tennessee and purdue is 2 and tenn is 3 since both lost this week.

  29. For a second there I thought the score was 0-0 with 11 minutes left in the first half.

  30. i'm just here for the rutgers buzzer beater x2 space. because you know it's happening.


  32. I’m an msu fan. Haven’t watched many Rutgers games but they’re in good position without regretting tough losses.

  33. the seton hall and temple losses aren't great on our resume. the osu loss was blatant bullshit, but there's not much you can do if they're not going to call the game it should be called.

  34. I mean, I get it. The US is big enough, and outside of the coasts the population is spread out enough, that long-distance intercity passenger rail just isn't viable in the face of cheap, safe, and reliable air travel.

  35. i think we need to accept that super long distance travel from coast to coast, or even like new york to chicago, is always going to be niche. but we could really work on improving short distance routes, like say nyc to pittsburgh or something or cbus to chicago for example, and make those trips more worthwhile to take by train.

  36. The normal Amtrak between DC and NYC goes 120 mph. There's a faster one, too.

  37. thanks class i freight railroads coupled with terrible federal regulation that will never make them do anything about it.

  38. man, that's my childhood right there. my mom used to take me to that one and the east brunswick one on 18 all the time.

  39. Seriously loved that place. Atari 2600 games, random clothes, posters and my favorite was the Chinese king fu store. Bought Chinese starts and numchucks Good times.

  40. did you even grow up in central jersey if you didn't have some of those throwing stars from the flea market stall?

  41. there is definitely like 75% or better rutgers representation at this game. you wouldn't know because fox continues to mix the audio so it drowns most of it out. but it's there.

  42. can we all agree that at this point, no knick fan should want him anywhere near this franchise. this isn't a couple of years ago when we coveted him and kd. this shit is toxic and the knicks do not need that toxicity at all.

  43. i'm late to this shit, but this is some goddamn nonsense. win or lose this doesn't really help our resume at all at this point.

  44. still kinda secretly wish that red bull would sell the team and whoever buys they would buy the rights to the cosmos name and just makes them cosmos fc. that would be fun.

  45. Embarrassingly, I didn't even really notice that RTD's was a different design. I figured it was just the classic one with better production values.

  46. iirc they had to make new props either way so they did some minor updating to get the design that was used in his series. it was mostly faithful to the classic series designs but a bit more updated. clearly they did a more thorough redesign with the cybermen.

  47. i'm sorry, i'm just here admiring that lovely one hanging off the back end of purdue's record there.

  48. serious question, what has been up with pepperdine? i feel like while they may not have been a powerhouse in the wcc, they were at least usually a competitive school.

  49. awesome. i wish we had more and better local options like this. there are holes in the wall that exist, but not as many as should.

  50. i think trash is a bit harsh, but they're not the amazing wonderment of sandwiches that people make them out to be.

  51. this is the correct assessment. they make a perfectly cromulent sandwich, but it's not worlds better than the one i can get at the local shop that's much closer to my area than this.

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