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  1. Probably much more than that, but DeSantis and Lapado won’t allow accurate reporting.

  2. Can't believe lana only had 20mil by the time she deleted instagram...and what's so special about selena anyway, i have never heard or watched a movie or a song from her

  3. I have a feeling that damn Kat my representative is on board.

  4. Spotify generally pays between $.003 and $.005 per stream.

  5. This sensational headline applies to the nearly 200,000 residents of Charlotte County and not the rest of Florida.

  6. It’s a little different, I am trying to recreate some ancient music that I did on the MC-202 back in the Mid-1980s.

  7. Bob Dylan is still pretty damn good in the 21st century.

  8. He honestly couldn't have picked a person easier to sympathise with, like how was he going to make him look bad?

  9. Yes, he is very sympathetic and eloquent. I had forgotten what a sewer Twitter comments can be though. I stopped using it years ago.

  10. He gives off a "I've never had to worry about money, this is a gimmick to me" vibe

  11. A lot of well off people never do anything out of the ordinary, give the guy some credit for trying something different. I don’t know anything about him and if he has money or not but I like what he created.

  12. Check out Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" and "Desire" albums. Patti Smith's "Horses", Television's "Marquee Moon", The Talking Heads "Remain In Light", "Fear of Music", and "More Songs About Buildings and Food".

  13. Jean-Michel Jarre’s 1997 concert in Moscow was the largest ever. Immediately following the Oxygene tour, Jean-Michel Jarre was hired by the mayor of Moscow to put on a sensational show in celebration of Moscow’s 850th anniversary. 3.5 million showed up.

  14. To quite honestly, not much really. I'm just me. I never think about it.

  15. Wandering around town doing whatever I want to without time constraints.

  16. I grew about an inch in my late twenties. I was always saying I was 6 foot tall then one day the measured me at the doctor's office.

  17. Why is it so hard to figure out if it is going to rain?

  18. I’m seriously asking. Is he petty or is he just addicted to throwing red meat at his base because he has higher aspirations? With Trump is was obviously clinical. The line is so thin between clinical and manipulative power hunger. I don’t watch DeSantis enough to know so I’m asking.

  19. He is petty, authoritarian creep. Don’t vote for him if he runs for president.

  20. You could build a jig for your table saw to run material through at 45 degrees, starting with the saw blade low and gradually increasing the blade with each pass. It sounds sketchy but it’s actually quite safe, I’ve made coved mouldings this way. Bit time consuming but it works.

  21. Yeah, I need 56’ of siding for a repair job, so it is probably too time consuming.

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