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  1. Because it's funny for dictators to get killed by the people they oppress

  2. Hard to judge someone for being emotional in that state. Dude literally just fought another man

  3. It's at your lowest that you show your true colors

  4. Juiced Titanium Shin McGregor solos them all. Especially Joanna, she doesn't stand a chance

  5. I swear people on this sub got more brain damage than the fighters

  6. Marriage Story. Shows a couple slowly drifting apart. The ending is surprisingly sad even though you see it coming from a mile away

  7. 👉 Learn how to write correctly before you decide to run a serious social media account 👈

  8. He would tho if they matched him up w Islam at this point

  9. He got matched with Khabib. Hurt him on the feet and almost guillotined him

  10. Imagine you just completed the game and this is the first ad you see

  11. Got his ass beat and now he's gonna retire cuz his mom said so. Mentality of a warrior right here

  12. Most desperate threat I've ever seen. If Tommy gets fazed by this even in the slightest he's not related to Tyson

  13. Me sacrificing my braincells in this horror movie of a subreddit in which I get recommended these stupid, overly-specific questions

  14. No hate or sarcasm intended; what type of posts do you like to see in this subreddit?

  15. Reviews, discussions, recommendations etc. This type of post is just absolutely redundant to me. Who cares about random self-sacrifices in horror movies? How are they different from a self-sacrifice in another movie. This sub just seems like people asking random stuff that's somewhat horror related and getting answers from the bored

  16. All the "people" who harassed the Act Man are just hustling for ladyboy dick

  17. All the people that think going around insulting random people because someone insulted their fav entertainer are beta fucks that dont get pussy and/or dick from any gender.

  18. Seems like fair game to me you unfuckable cryptid

  19. He's a drug cheat so no. If you wanna be considered the best in the game you gotta actually play it fairly

  20. This shit escalated like a cartoon bar fight

  21. It's not the reviewers fault you like shitty games

  22. The young Brenda hairline is crazy. Like it's not receding, it's proceeding

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