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  1. That would be political suicide, even if it weren't this close to an election. Remember, the NWSC only permits them to override Section 2 and Sections 7-15, and not Sections 3 to 5, which would be the most applicable to their now-precarious situation.

  2. It might still work out in his favour sadly. They still have 60 days to appeal to the Supreme Court, then there’s the time it takes for the SCC for their ruling. This decision could very well end up being after the election, in which case it’s old news by the time there’s another election.

  3. Sure. 60 days places the appeal anytime before the end of March, and it will be interesting to see if the SCC considers this an important enough issue to hear. I am also curious as to what considerations apply if the Court does choose to hear it, given the potential impact on a Provincial election.

  4. Truckers vaccine mandate was the needle that's breaking the camels back. They're not some arbitrary group of people that are randomly being utilized.

  5. I agree that the truckers' being appropriated is not arbitrary, but not because of the vaccine mandate being the final nail in the coffin for them. These issues are clearly long-standing, and the fact they have been for so long makes this industry ripe for exploitation by anti-government advocates, who will almost certainly find a reluctant willingness to cooperate amongst a good chunk of the industry - "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", but we know how that usually works out.

  6. It's astounding how quickly the tune of Toronto progressives changes when suddenly they're the ones being asked to make a sacrifice at the altar of the common good. Suddenly accessible and affordable transit for the working class is a "war" against them. Laughable. Practice what you preach.

  7. Can you honestly say you have no idea what it might feel like to have your home expropriated for a subway line during a time of financial crisis for so many people? Minton Place is in my old neighborhood, where I grew up, and I still know some people who will be affected. They are not all a bunch of luddites who have no interest in the common good because they are frustrated and reaching out for any support they can find. They are not against transit, or particularly entitled, and despite the stereotypes promulgated by this article, we also can't pretend that even NIMBYs aren't people who live their lives in Toronto.

  8. So, a few questions, since you seem so passionate.

  9. Isn't that the same with any other special interest group? What if the first nations blockkng bridges had all their demands fulfilled? What about the indian farmers? Or any other group that protests something.

  10. I'm not sure, why don't you tell us what you think?

  11. You are allowed to ridicule them but it says more about you than them

  12. It says much more about you that you value an abstract right in itself over the applied consequences of that right in this case, but hey, "free country", right?

  13. What a leader has or has not done is not the sole determinant of a political party's success. That kind of thinking leads to populism, not democracy - and yes, those are, in fact, opposing ideologies.

  14. ON might lose this one just as before, and Ford won't be able to NWSC his way out. Start the spin machine... now!

  15. Unfortunately for these two companies, business dealings with the government have no protection in the Constitution and very little in general. Provinces have the freedom to shred contracts whenever they want (as the Beer Store is learning the hard way), provided they follow the proper processes.

  16. Point is he is a foreigner, and he doesn’t live in any of his three houses. That’s just on one street too in one city who knows how many more he owns.

  17. How do you know he is not a citizen? Have you asked him?

  18. You're all wrong. 24 is the highest number, and that's it.

  19. BC NDP commissioned a study on UBI. Unsurprisingly it found that UBI is not effective. You people need to get this in your head.

  20. I think you need to actually read that report you linked. Basic income along with increased financial & social support makes up the bulk of the recommendations - "unsurprisingly".

  21. Punishment: the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.

  22. We prohibit plenty of people from going to places that are normally accessible for all kinds of reasons of public health if they behave in ways we don't generally agree are beneficial.

  23. So now, two years into the pandemic, it has been proven that the unvaccinated going to the LCBO and weed store are an important vector of covid transmissions? It is now a public health necessity.

  24. I'm not arguing with you at all. I am suggesting that we minimize harm to the target population if such a policy were to be enacted.

  25. oh boo fucking hoo. Go cry to a ICU nurse you stupid baby.

  26. They're right. They're not arguing with you.

  27. Last time I checked the Criminal Code a price increase of 14% wasn't.

  28. They didn't mean literally criminal. Read the room a little.

  29. Which scientific field accepts this hypothesis to the point of established theory? I'm curious.

  30. I actually assumed most of them had oppositional defiant disorder. The “you can’t tell me what to do” type of people.

  31. ODD is somewhere about 6% lifetime prevalence, and conduct disorders more generally are almost always comorbid with other developmental issues. Basically, I hear you on the reticence of these folks, but the low prevalence and high comorbidity effectively narrows the target population that might be both "anti-vaccine" and "ODD" down quite a bit. I'll suggest that labelling anti-social behaviour as a disorder weakens the public understanding of mental health issues and creates further stigma, and that perhaps we should be looking at behavioural interventions to deal with anti-social behaviour on a larger scale.

  32. Because people tend to only comment in opposition of a poll when it suits their own leanings.

  33. It's just water with CO2, possibly some mineral content. Very unlikely to interact, and unlikely to significantly alter pH in your digestive system unless you're drinking it constantly. I'd be more concerned about your teeth, but you should check with a doctor or nurse rather than rely on us for health advice.

  34. Could you stick a tile sticker or air tag to a headphone case? Slipping a bright silicone sleeve onto them might be nice. If you have an apple ecosystem, air pods would make sense imo. Otherwise for general headphones rec, I suggest the soundcore line. I got mine on Amazon and they really good, especially considering it’s around $30-40 and arguably better than the $200 bose ones. They have earbuds and headphones available, and if you don’t have an apple phone, a tile sticker might be a good idea on the headphones itself or on the case.

  35. SoundCore wireless stuff is great, just wanted to chime in.

  36. Oh, great, more vague pandering from a person so inept at reading the room that they couldn't see the PR disaster truck heading right for them about, say, maybe 30 seconds after deciding to pick up a shovel.

  37. Wow I didn’t know Canada’s economy was so important that our government funding the unemployed would affect the entire global economy and cause inflation in the US and even in Germany.

  38. I'm getting real sick of the "money printer go brrr" argument dressed up in the Emperor's new clothes, too.

  39. Gotcha. I actually have a clamp meter already (I used to do data cable installs and related), but I just trust the specs on components.

  40. Oh jeez. That totally makes sense, then.

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