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  1. Give him a break he neva had a dad tew teach him growing ahpp

  2. The Canadian couple tried to reveal Blu3boys IP by sending him an IP tracker and hoping he would click it. But he didn't fall for it so he released their photos and their names. The wife legit looks like a tweaker, she was wearing Lornes shirt and sitting in his truck, all excited like she just met her idol. Fuck them, I hope their reputation is destroyed. Befriending a known pedo and claiming his attraction to kids is his sexuality, absolute cunts.

  3. We should get our pitchforks and go after them..fawkin cawksuckers

  4. Theres only 1 reason to visit lorne and that's to give him a kiss...a Glasgow kiss

  5. It’s one of those movies you have to be “in the mood for” IMO. Possibly lightly stoned or in a visual mood. If you’re looking for something to keep you actively interested, it can be a bit slow—I totally get it!

  6. Like Blair witch I watched that and thought it sucked but then watched again stoned and wow..I was there dude,in the tent..was like a different movie

  7. The caving one with the girls...very well done,I think its called descent

  8. Web warriors are shit unless they are lvl 10 million gazillion

  9. Chicken wing chicken wing hawt 🎶 and baloney 🎶

  10. At first yeah, it’s not cool, but if I could see he’s a good person…

  11. Like batman iv played this until I never want to see it ever again ..imo the best game ever made for the time it was mind blowing

  12. We'd have to call the femboy something ridiculous which would go straight over lornes head because he has no clue about anything ..i remember a cawl when jamie amy was on a ventilater and it was darth vader breathing he had no idea 😂

  13. Nightmare on elm Street is loosely based on a true story they just throw it in

  14. I'm a shocking twist lorne dies and mawma gwen goes to jail and roy steps up to be catfished

  15. Nowadays there's dudes doing standing triple somersault s

  16. You must now proceed to comment " I don't see anyone " like the unfunny lame turd sack you are

  17. I'm nawt stickin around fer that coconut head mutha fawker!!

  18. Has it been changed ? Suddenly teams that used to be easy are hard

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