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Man Being Arrested Saves Arresting Officer's Life

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Actually just made a post to try and find this show name on the sub. Anyone know the name ??

  2. This looks amazing!! Brisket in a stew sounds like a perfect winter dish

  3. Sorry mate - been watching that White Lotus was the last audio in my downloads haha

  4. When you think its over and raccoon keeps on raging šŸ¤£

  5. Stay warm this winter with this slow cooker dish šŸ”„

  6. Any fans of Tillamook ice cream for pairing šŸ‘šŸ‘ beautiful culinary masterpiece

  7. I actually made my own chai tea ice cream to go with it

  8. I did too. Gave me the sense there is still good out in the World

  9. Nobody pulls up their tip-ups like this. They come with a spool my guy

  10. SHUT UP! , it was so FASTTTT that camera couldn't capture it, that camera was USLEESS in front of that MASTER PIECE, the secret is, time peroid of buggy covering the whole earth and returning back to the starting point was same as of shutter speed of that cheap camera. That buggy was FAST. you know NOTHING.

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