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  1. Only thing your going to taste is banana. Even a single one it becomes a primary flavor

  2. Because I need an escape out this hellscape. Nothing but stress and work all to not be able to buy basic necessities because an elite group wants more money without paying us living wages.

  3. They actually have to declare it no matter how obvious it is. Because people are dumb.

  4. Damn they copied and pasted the script for 22-23 season with that Russell Willson trade.

  5. Not enough cheese. The meat to cheese ratio is way off.

  6. Oh I wonder if we can get his church taxed since if they talk politics they can lose their tax exemption

  7. No. For a grid of trees you need two squares between each one.

  8. Sentinal and pole arm master. Ranged melee. You stay away as I poke you with a stick.

  9. I do both. One when I wake up and one when I get home from work.

  10. Scariest enemy in payday. Rather face off minigun dozer and a medic dozer than this.

  11. Tom won't stock his department and instead of management getting on him about it, they punish the entire night shift.

  12. Rematch? Yeah it's called 23-24 season. We got to play them since they won the afc north.

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