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  1. I don’t think you understand what the word “invested” means.

  2. Looking to have my rim spit-shined (free)

  3. Honestly I would take this to the administrator. Go over the teachers head, they are obviously a petty asshole.

  4. So when I try to separate it is still selecting the cube that I extruded these from. I want to separate and link these so I can just edit one and create the fan effect on all of them. How can I go about this? Currently if I separate by loose parts it still keeps the entire cube selected. I want to have the 4 fans as a linked group so I can edit just one and have it carry across to the others. How can I do this?

  5. How could someone who works in HR be so out of touch with what workers want?

  6. This looks really good! One thing that could improve realism is just a little more variance in the edges. The bread is a little too perfect. Even the bowls and spoon (clay it appears) would have some more imperfections. Also, if the napkins had a little more random rotation it would help identify them as a stack of napkins, they almost look like a cut of tofu right now lol. But altogether this is a wonderfully done scene and you are years ahead of my abilities lol

  7. What about something less realistic like 2d art?

  8. I was a server at a small sushi shop and made $300 a night. This is pretty common in the serving industry. Someone working at longhorn prolly makes at least that in every shift and doesn’t have to contribute to misogyny.

  9. Muricans when they find out spain and Portugal are european countries with white people

  10. Just wait until you find out what the term Hispanic means.

  11. Hispanic isn't a race. Hispanic people can be white, black, asian, etc

  12. Caucasian also isn’t a race, it’s an ethnicity.

  13. That’s a first for me. Well fought you crazy bastard.

  14. Someone doesn’t know how to use this sub, and that someone is you OP.

  15. Please help me out with your feedback! Also I would love to know how to use basic geometry nodes to replicate the spots on the mushrooms. Maybe even how to create my own grass on the plane (although that may be more complex than I am prepared for). If someone could also briefly explain how to add vertices to a plane? Thanks everyone!!

  16. Just like literally any other skill, there is no quantitative number. Everything from knowledge retention to muscle memory plays into "becoming a pro", whether it's learning Blender, how to play a guitar or becoming a chef. All I can tell you for sure is that you need to put in the time, but saying "oh, well, once you hit hour 125, you can start calling yourself a pro" is completely unrealistic.

  17. I greatly appreciate your detailed response. I understand that a ton of factors go into someone’s success in turning a skill into a profitable career. May I ask, how long have you been employed doing motion design and vfx? What were some of your biggest challenges in bridging the gap from hobby to career?

  18. Probably have some mods turned on effecting your game.

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